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Basic Audio Series | MP3 – 24 hours on one CD

Basic Audio Series | MP3 – 24 hours on one CD


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The Basic Audio Series (24 hour-long presentations by Uranda and Martin Exeter), in MP3 format on one CD. See the individual titles below for synopses of content.


Individual CDs of Basic Audio Series – $10.00 each (All individual MP3s are downloadable for $2, indicated on the detail page.)

1203-BAS CD#1 Basic Audio Series 1

1204-BAS CD#2 Basic Audio Series 2:  The Art and Science of Living, lecture by Martin Exeter, January 7, 1973

1205-BAS CD#3 Basic Audio Series 3: Forgiveness, lecture by Uranda, August 2, 1953

1206-BAS CD#4 Basic Audio Series 4: Your First Love, lecture by Martin Exeter, November 27, 1977 

1207-BAS CD#5 Basic Audio Series 5: The Forbidden Fruit, lecture by Uranda, February 14, 1954

1208-BAS CD#6 Basic Audio Series 6: From Fall to Restoration, lecture by Martin Exeter,May 24, 1970

1209-BAS CD#7 Basic Audio Series 7: Being God’s Assistant, lecture by Uranda, January 2, 1954

1210-BAS CD#8 Basic Audio Series 8: Man Symbol of God, lecture by Martin Exeter, June 14, 1970

1211-BAS CD#9 Basic Audio Series 9: Shepherd’s Psalm, lecture by Uranda, February 12, 1953

1212-BAS CD#10Basic Audio Series 10: The Nature of True Leadership Now, lecture by Martin Exeter, December 17, 1978

1213-BAS CD#11 Basic Audio Series 11: Coming Home, lecture by Uranda, August 5, 1953

1214-BAS CD#12 Basic Audio Series 12: The Third and Last Call, lecture by Martin Exeter, April 28, 1974

1215-BAS CD#13 Basic Audio Series 13: The Holy Family, lecture by Uranda, August 23, 1953

1216-BAS CD#14 Basic Audio Series 14: Cultism, Truth, and Dominion, lecture by Martin Exeter, June 3, 1979

1217-BAS CD#15 Basic Audio Series 15: Intercession and Healing, lecture by Uranda, July 23, 1953

1218-BAS CD#16 Basic Audio Series 16: The Intervening Provision, lecture by Martin Exeter, April 16, 1978

1219-BAS CD#17 Basic Audio Series 17: Be Ye Therefore Perfect, lecture by Uranda, July 25, 1954

1220-BAS CD#18 Basic Audio Series 18: Orientation in the Present Moment, lecture by Martin Exeter, May 28, 1978

1221-BAS CD#19 Basic Audio Series 19: Extension of Divine Action, lecture by Uranda, January 10, 1954

1222-BAS CD#20 Basic Audio Series 20: Firsthand Living, lecture by Martin Exeter, February 11, 1979

1223-BAS CD#21 Basic Audio Series 21: The Fear of Being Hurt, lecture by Uranda,  January 22, 1953

1224-BAS CD#22 Basic Audio Series 22: Reaction or Response, lecture by Martin Exeter, November 2, 1975

1225-BAS CD#23 Basic Audio Series 23: The True Stature of Man #1, lecture by Martin Exeter, December 16, 1973

1226-BAS CD#24 Basic Audio Series 24: The True Stature of Man #2, lecture by Martin Exeter, December 16, 1973