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Basic Audio Series | Vol. 23 The True Stature of Man #1

Basic Audio Series | Vol. 23 The True Stature of Man #1


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Lecture by Martin Exeter, December 16, 1973 . . .

Synopsis: Human beings think that they think, but settle into crystallized states of consciousness, which may periodically be shaken up by a revolutionary change, but then merely re-form into a slightly different pattern. The common self-centered attitude prevents a sense of relatedness to the much larger whole, so that an awareness of man’s true stature is impossible. Instead, most people have merely a crust consciousness, and because human beings are at once ashamed and fearful in this condition, they are desperately trying to cover up their sense of shame with vast accumulations of knowledge and are afraid to let go of the very things that maintain the restricted view. To come out of this earthworm state one must experience something larger and at the same time refrain from translating it into the customary patterns of thought; in other words, new concepts. Concepts about anything maintain the worm’s-eye view. Only actual experience of spirit can transcend the worm experience. True man has tremendous stature, correlating with the solar system and beyond, the image and likeness of God.

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