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Basic Audio Series | Vol. 4 Your First Love

Basic Audio Series | Vol. 4 Your First Love


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Lecture by Martin Exeter, November 27, 1977 . . .

Synopsis: What is most important to you? Is it the spirit of truth through the Word, or your interpretations? A rebuke is offered to those who have the responsibility of allowing the form of the Archangel to manifest on earth, because what may be thought to be hidden from the Lord is plainly visible to Him, and though He sees our good works, He is aware if other things take precedence. “If you ever feel that the words that are being spoken [during a service] are for somebody else, have a care. Those are the ones you need to see and to hear.” Martin speaks of his own love for the Word, beginning many years ago with Uranda’s mailings. He also comments extensively on proficiency in reading — not a technique but a genuine movement in the current of the spirit.

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