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The Sunrise Ranch community is a hard-working, highly committed group of self-starters who are working together as a co-creative team to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about letting the Ranch reach its full potential as a teaching and demonstration site with a clear, strong spiritual focus.

Please see below for current opportunities. If you have questions, please e-mail  recruiting@sunriseranch.org, and we will contact you to explore other possibilities.


Community Volunteers

There is no hourly work commitment, just what you are willing to offer. The work will be in support of community operations at Sunrise Ranch. Participating in the work activities affords a unique opportunity to develop skill in coordinating and harmonizing with others while offering a potent influence into the community and the larger world, creating a strong sense of selfless service.

In applying to this program, you understand and commit to participating in all work shifts and spiritual activities of interest. You realize that your prompt attendance, along with excellence in the quality of your energy, is a vital contribution to your personal and educational growth. You understand that work schedule, meals, programs and other activities are subject to change.

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