Philosophy and Practices

We believe that as human beings we are meant to thrive. We believe that the natural order of this planet is designed to support us.

But humanity as a whole has stepped out of that natural order by a lack of acknowledgment and respect for the rest of Creation and for the Beingness of all things. We believe that we thrive as human beings when we acknowledge Universal Being in all of nature, in other people and in ourselves.

True sustainability springs from these simple truths. And while we describe them as what we believe, we know that enlightened people around the world understand these same truths in their own way.

Our approach to sustainability at Sunrise Ranch is to seek to follow the natural order in all things. We celebrate the work of such leaders in sustainability as Allan Savory, who developed holistic management based on these same ideas; Joel Salatin, who embodies these practices; and Sally Fallon Morrell, who teaches traditional food preparation through the Weston A. Price Foundation; and author Michael Pollan. And we deeply appreciate the courage of people like Foster Gamble and those involved in the Breakthrough Energy Movement.

We are pleased to report that nature flourishes when we relate to it with care and respect. There is a great abundance of birds here and wild animals of so many kinds: elk, deer, turkeys, coyotes, foxes and many more, which, along with the plants, trees, insects, sunshine and rain, all contribute to this thriving ecosystem.

The movement toward sustainability is a journey. We are on that journey with people around the world who are seeking wisdom in the middle of so much in our world that is unsustainable—war, carbon-fuel energy, fracking and the chemically based agribusiness that has so dominated the production of food in the United States. With an approach that begins with honoring Universal Being in all Creation, we are finding ways to live in harmony with our earthly home.

Our Approach to Work

We grow healthy, tasty food using realistic time management, focused energy and attention. We share with others the rhythms of farming and promote a task-oriented approach to work in a time-oriented world. We balance work and rest. We create ways for people to participate in and support the farm.

We profit from livestock and crops. We create a work culture that trusts, welcomes creativity and fearlessness, and honors wisdom and experience. We invest in teachers for the farm. We create appropriate social activities. We dedicate time to maintain equipment and grounds. We engage in conscious, proactive land stewardship.



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