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Basic Audio Series | Vol. 22 Reaction or Response

Basic Audio Series | Vol. 22 Reaction or Response


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Lecture by Martin Exeter, November 2, 1975 . . .

Synopsis: By reason of the presence of the angel on earth true creative cause is present, so a clear line can be drawn: on the one hand those who will move with creative cause, and on the other those who will resist or take exception to it. Reaction is eventually fatal, but response to creative action leads to an increasing experience of life. The human habit is to react: “Because of this, I must do that” — reaction upon reaction and therefore greater confusion. However, creative action always being present, the opportunity is always available to pause from reacting and give thanks, to turn from the habitual and start to relax. Defensiveness is a form of reaction. The human intellect knows virtually nothing about the almighty power at work; it denies its presence; but it is this power, when not resisted, that allows the needful changes to occur. We would replace human judgment with angelic action.

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