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Basic Audio Series | Vol. 21 The Fear of Being Hurt

Basic Audio Series | Vol. 21 The Fear of Being Hurt


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Lecture by Uranda, January 22, 1953 . . .

Synopsis: Uranda reads a service given by Martin in which he points out that one spirit characterizes the body of God, and that the parts of that body share in this one spirit, in this incontrovertible basis for agreement, and that where there is such agreement the Lord is present and able to act, because a coordinated body, under right control, is available to Him. “If two of you shall agree on earth . . .” reveals the divine way, agreement of mind and heart to begin with — not just the mind seeking agreement or compromise, but a total agreement with spirit. And inasmuch as fear controls in human lives, and particularly the fear of being hurt, this destructive spirit must be dealt with, and can be, as there is a consistent openness maintained toward the truth. The immediate concern is to let the heart be purified, the emotional knots and tangles be unraveled: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.” Uranda moves on this theme in relationship to focalization and the resistance to it. Ours is the privilege of being in one accord in one place, in agreement with spirit and therefore one with another.

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