Within all people there is a deep desire to be in creative relationship with others and with all of life.

There is a desire to evolve as an individual and to contribute to the evolution in consciousness that is occurring for all of humanity. And there is a profound inner urge to experience a reality that transcends the usual everyday life.

Sunrise Ranch is a place where people welcome these experiences for themselves and others. It is a spiritual community made up of those who are resonant with the purpose of this place—to provide a physical and virtual home for the spiritual urge that is present in all people. Whether you visit for a day, a week, or years, we welcome you to be part of this spiritual community.

Sunrise Ranch honors the spiritual paths of all people. We are proud to have the work of gifted spiritual teachers and guides from many paths offered here. They share in common an honoring of Universal Being within all people and all Creation.

Our core teaching at Sunrise Ranch is the One Law of Creation, the Law of Cause and Effect. We offer courses that assist a person to attune to the Creator within them and within all Creation.

We assist people to address the many challenges to living a spiritual life in the world as it is. The challenge of being a caring, loving person in a world that sometimes seems hard and uncaring. The challenge of being spiritually and emotionally honest with others in a way that builds relationship. The challenge of tapping the creative fire within and sharing it with the world. And the challenge of aligning a person’s work life with his or her own life purpose and conscious evolution.

You can participate in the spiritual life of Sunrise Ranch in so many ways—by attending a workshop, chanting in the Little Chapel, attending a service in the Dome auditorium or by just perusing our website. Sunrise Ranch offers a Full Self Emergence residential work-study program for people who want to immerse themselves in the life of the Ranch, and a visitor program for those who wish to stay for shorter periods of time.

We offer programs in Primal Spirituality, the spirituality we are born with and that rightly blossoms over the course of our lives. These programs assist a person to reinvigorate this core fire that brings creative motivation to our lives. Simply setting foot in this valley is a spiritual experience.

If you are an earnest seeker who is ready to do the joyful work of personal transformation, you will find yourself with like-minded people at Sunrise Ranch. This is a place where people build relationships with others who are on a similar spiritual path and build a network of friends who, together, are bringing a new spirituality to the world. It is a place where people let the spirit of Universal Love flow easily between them, because the most important work on the planet is done together.

Primal Spirituality

Primal Spirituality is the spirituality with which we are born. It rightly blossoms and matures as a person develops. It is our innate spirituality before any religious or spiritual training or belief. Primal spirituality is the experience and knowing of every true spiritual teacher. It is the true core reality of humanity.

The Primal Spirituality program assists people to reclaim the core elements of their own soul—to move past the negative messages that we receive from the world and embrace the spirit within us, to overcome self-sabotage and embrace our own creative fire, and to see the troubling issues of the human heart with compassion so that we can embrace Universal Love.

The practice of Primal Spirituality brings Universal Love through the human heart and Universal Intelligence through the mind. Our Primal Spirituality is the basis for all true understanding of people and of the natural world. It is what empowers a person to act with courage and to fulfill their personal destiny as a human being. It is both the conscious understanding of the most essential factors for personal fulfillment and also the energetic flow that allows that understanding to become real in a person’s experience.

Sunrise Ranch is offering a series of courses in Primal Spirituality for people who desire to embrace their own spiritual core and to live from that reality. Please click here to find out more about our Primal Spirituality education.

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