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Sunrise Ranch offers programs that assist people in nurturing their bodies, hearts and minds.

We know that all people are strong and wise and loving on the inside. The development of our human capacities through our learning and growth allows us to manifest those virtues on the outside. What are all the aspects that make up a person? Do we really need developing, or are we just the way we are? How can a workshop actually improve our quality of life?

Many people today are turning to the world of personal development for help within their own life experiences. Some suffer emotionally from depression, anxiety or general unhappiness. Others experience difficulties communicating effectively in their relationships. People are challenged with their own belief systems of value and availability that limit their attainment of success. Many desire to increase their effectiveness with the realization of dreams and aspirations. Some simply want to enhance their own sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of living life.

The field of personal development teaches life skills in the context of the human being and the personality. At a basic level, we are all made up of the same stuff. We all have the same capacities within us. Humans are all-inclusive; we are spiritual, mental, emotional and physical beings. Understanding ourselves in each of these areas increases our ability to function with skill and confidence in our lives. In order to effectively develop, we first need to become aware of and be honest about how we are doing in each of these areas. Exploring the inner landscape of our being can be more difficult if we’re immersed in the dramas and busyness of the outer world.

An intentional container with a skilled facilitator leading a group process is effective in initiating self-reflection and honest awareness. There are various types of methods, activities and programs that employ tools and techniques for human development. Many of these are not widely offered within the regulated, mainstream educational and societal systems. However, they are available and highly valuable for people who want to intentionally shape their lives and develop their gifts. We invite you to be led into new learnings and enjoy sharing with others in the experience of personal growth and development.


Throughout history, meditation has been found in all the major religions and spiritual cultures of the world. Under one name or another, the practice of becoming still and silent and bringing attention within oneself has been part of human history. Today, it is gaining increased popularity and awareness and is being practiced daily by people everywhere. At any moment, it is likely that there is someone somewhere on the planet engaged in meditation.

The benefits of meditation are many and produce positive results within the mental, emotional and physical systems of a person. Quieting the mind allows the emotions to settle down into a state of peace, and the body can drop out of stress and contraction into a state of relaxation. We receive clarity on a topic of interest when we can bring stillness to the busy mind and create the open space for insight and revelation to enter.

Many people experience increased calmness and a higher degree of happiness when meditation is a part of their daily routine. People are more effective in their responsibilities and relationships when they are more present and mindful in their lives. The consistent practice of meditation helps to train the brain to be under the command of the conscious mind and to focus in the present moment. Being fully present allows us to access the unlimited abundance and availability life offers in the eternal moment. Sunrise Ranch is proud to offer Insight Meditation workshops, which are an opportunity for the intensive practice of sitting and walking meditation in silence. The workshops also include meditation instructions, dharma talks, and small group meetings with the teacher. Please see our Events Page for the current schedule.


Self-discovery is being willing to look more deeply and honestly at yourself to gain greater insights about who you are and how you work. This process of self-inquiry and honest self-reflection is necessary for growth and very powerful when done voluntarily, with intention. Every person who ever achieved greatness has undergone a process of self-discovery. All great work in the world has been done by men and women who grew into their greatness and expressed it into the world through their works.

Each one of us holds greatness within. There are parts of ourselves that we have never known and that are awaiting discovery. There are parts of ourselves that have accepted limitations and are holding on to attachments. Every person is both his or her own greatest hope and worst enemy. Most of us operate on unconscious autopilot throughout the majority of our lives. Being willing to look at the self requires becoming aware of the unconscious programming and responses we’ve learned in order to bring conscious choice into more moments of our lives.

The practice of self-discovery invites one to open up to the experience of joy and bliss by just being and relaxing into a moment. It also helps a person to look in new places within themselves to discover renewed strength, greater love and deeper insights. A facilitator and a group process can be very helpful when choosing to engage in this type of work. Those who have been through their own journey of self-discovery can help us to see things we might not be able to see as easily. Enjoy your own journey as you take the next steps of discovering the boundless nature of your self! Please see the Events Page for details and schedules of self-discovery classes and workshops held at Sunrise Ranch.


Let’s face it, every person has a personality. Like a face or a snowflake, every personality is unique. This is one of the most amazing expressions of diversity found in the human family. We all have certain prominent traits and skills that complement others’ traits and skills. We seem to understand and resonate with some people but have difficulty understanding or relating to others.

There are influences that affect our individual personalities; understanding these influences can help us understand ourselves and other people. Learning about the influences operating within your own personality can help you realize things in yourself that were previously habitual and unconscious. Every person has the power to shape his or her own character and personality. When we are not exerting that power, negative influences are right there to come into play.

Understanding the personality traits of others and what influences they are working with helps us to see what motivates them, what works for them and what does not. Our relationships with others and our effectiveness in working together with other people increases greatly when we understand where they are coming from. When we understand the personality traits influencing ourselves and those of others, we have new keys to unlock doors of connection and growth.



The process of transformation classically refers to the transfiguration of a form, similar to a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly by way of metamorphosis. We know that a human body is not able to transform into a completely different physical form, yet most people desire a sense of transformation within themselves. Transformation within our lives and our relationships is highly valued in today’s world of shifting culture. More attention is being placed every day on the power of our thoughts and emotions as the basis for how we experience life.

We can all identify with the process of the butterfly—the emergence of a beautiful and regal form being born anew. Each of us has a greater destiny than we are currently experiencing, and we have to undergo some process of death and rebirth within ourselves to experience that kind of emergence in our lives. The personality is malleable, and how we bring ourselves into the world is something that we have control over and can change with intention, if so desired.

Begin your own process of personal transformation and observe the subtle changes that occur inside your life as you begin to change what’s happening with you on the inside. Honest self-reflection is very important in this type of work, for we cannot change what we are not aware of. We are designed to continually move into greater and greater expressions of ourselves, yet we also have the free will to decide whether we will engage on a path of self-transformation or become content with ourselves and continue down the same old path. Please visit our Calendar of Events for details and current schedules.

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