The Principle of Nullification

By Jerry Kvasnicka on August 23, 2018

“Nullify” as defined by my dictionary is “to make of no value or consequence; to bring to…


My Observations on Life, 76 Years In

By Jerry Kvasnicka on May 9, 2018

On opening and sharing my heart In the world as it is now, where many if not…


Safety, Transparency and Co-Creation

By Justen Deason on March 26, 2018

Once there was a land midst of the chaos Floating like an island in old blood People…


A Question of Incentive

By Jerry Kvasnicka on March 7, 2018

A year or two into my job as an elementary school custodian I was told by my…


Crutches: A Parable of Humanity

By Jerry Kvasnicka on January 26, 2018

Ages ago, in what was perhaps the most dubious flash of inspiration in history, someone decided that…