Starting with Spirit First

By Gary Goodhue on February 7, 2019

Let this message be a reminder to us that we are Sons and Daughters of Light, here…


Discover your Destiny 5-Day Workshop

By David Karchere on January 9, 2019

Discover your destiny in our 5-Day Becoming a Sun Workshop – March 5-9 What is your destiny?…


My Observations on Life, 76 Years In–Part 2

By Jerry Kvasnicka on November 21, 2018

On Fear I’ve experienced a lot of fear in my life, particularly an existential kind of fear…


Creating a Culture Based on the Highest Love

By Jerry Kvasnicka on October 2, 2018

What would a culture based on the consistent expression of the highest love look like? It certainly…


The Principle of Nullification

By Jerry Kvasnicka on August 23, 2018

“Nullify” as defined by my dictionary is “to make of no value or consequence; to bring to…