Sunrise Ranch

By Gary Goodhue

Let this message be a reminder to us that we are Sons and Daughters of Light, here with a divine mission to help bring spiritual reality into this world, through our living.

Sometimes we talk about the current state of the world. Most people end up talking about the upset state of the world, because it is so prevalent in the human experience. It’s easy to see that as a reality, and yet we also want to recognize a reality of merging heaven and Earth. I believe that the merging of heaven and earth comes not from relating to Earth, but from relating to heaven.

One of my most favorite phrases is “Let Love radiate without concern for results.” There are two things happening inside of that statement: “Let Love radiate” and “concern for results.” The word “without” operates like a minus symbol, and “letting” is allowing something to happen. Concern for results is naturally related to the physical, the world of form and the manifest. The radiation of love relates to the spiritual expression dimension, the world of Being and essence.

It is a truth that we are each a creator, the creator of your own unique experience of reality. It is also accurate to say that we are co-creators, creating in conjunction with the natural processes of Creation and the spirit of Life. I think the reason that we have so much upset in our world is because humans are creating in opposition to the natural creative process and the spirit of Life, rather than co-creating with the spirit of Life and the creative process. Sure enough, we can do either—we’re sovereign beings with free will; we can do pretty much whatever we want. And a quick look out into the human world often reflects that and the effects thereof.

If we are focused on results, attached to the outcome, then we are actually worshipping the physical. If we are focused on allowing a radiation of love to move through us, then we are worshipping the Source of that love. I believe one of the most important functions of a creator is the ability to make conscious choice, so it is important to become increasingly more conscious about where our energy is going.

There is a simple and universal structure for explaining the human make-up and the creative process: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. That’s naturally saying there’s an order of how things happen. When we focus on the spiritual, then we can touch into the Source from which the love is radiating. We let that happen through us when our emotional capacity of heart is open to receive and sending forth love in response. When we let go of attachment to the physical circumstances, we can let love radiate without concern for results.

There’s a brilliant teaching of the creative process that David Karchere has taught many times and is defined as: God the Possible, God the Means, and God the Manifest. The Possible is the quantum world of unlimited potential. The Means is the magical process that moves creation into expression. The Manifest is the world of physical form and experience. We are ourselves represented in all three of them: an infinite eternal spirit, a consciousness with creative capacities, and a material body that allows us to interact in the physical world. The Possible is meant to move through the Means to become Manifest. If we are trying to make the visible realm of manifest form serve the means, our personal consciousness, so that we then can serve the invisible realm of potentiality, then we have reversed the natural flow.

The physical world, the realm of manifest, the land of effects and results is not bad. It is critically useful, extremely beautiful, and we could not have this amazing experience of life without it. The spiritual world needs the physical in order to express through time and space into matter. The realm of possibility needs to create through means in order to manifest into form.


Imagine wanting the experience of knowing yourself as a loving person. You ask someone you know as loving for advice and they say, “Well, I would go do this loving act for this person over here.” But maybe you don’t really like that person very much, yet you want to be a loving person yourself so off you go to do that loving thing for the other. But then while you’re doing it, you’re actually grumbly and upset because you don’t like the person or the type of service work you are doing. You’re only doing it because you think it will make you a loving person. And you might think that you’re being loving because of the act you are doing, but the emotional experience is not actually that of loving. Can you be a loving person if you’re not actually feeling love?

What is the difference between doing and being? It’s the same concepts that we are exploring here. What is manifest is born from the possible. Doing is born from being. Doing is a form of expressing how we are being. Move into the place of accessing the essence of what you want to express, begin to commune and dwell with that essence inside of yourself, and then you feel it. Once you feel it, those feelings begin to inform your thoughts. You start thinking loving thoughts because you’re feeling loving feelings because you’re communing with the place of love inside of yourself. And then what comes through naturally is loving action, infused with all the rest that it’s born from.

This flow follows another teaching that’s really brilliant. It’s the same four-step process of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical but in a different application of intimacy, resonance, philosophy, and message. With whatever we are doing, if we start at the top of this process, within the highest points of ourselves, all the rest naturally unfolds from there. We are called to focus on the innermost part of ourselves and be conscious with what is coming through so that we can exercise the ability of conscious choice. There are plenty of factors of influence in our personal and collective consciousness that are operating in the background when we are being unconscious and not actively choosing.

I recently had my Ancestry DNA done and ran the raw data through some other online genetic programs. There are these different predispositions inside of my genetics. I am genetically predisposed to be able to eat anything. I don’t have any dietary complications. I could eat whatever I want, and my body processes it just fine because of my genetic coding, but I’m choosing how I want to eat. I’ve cut out meat for a number of months now. I’ve been cutting out dairy, cutting out gluten; I’m lowering my sugar consumption. I’m just making different choices based on my awareness, not just unconsciously based on how I’ve always operated.

Turns out I’m 34 percent German. I didn’t know that. I guess Germans are known for being very mental. I’ve always known I’m pretty mental—I love the mental realms. I don’t know if it’s from being German but some of the test results said I am genetically predisposed toward a lack of empathy. What do I do with that? “I guess I’m genetically predisposed to not care about other people, or have feelings.” “Oh, I’m not an empathetic person; it’s just not in the genes.” But that’s not true. I’ve expressed empathy—I know it.

All of this is just simply relating to the genetics of the physical realm. Yes, that’s there. It’s a factor, as much as family, cultural, societal, educational, religious and astrological influences. But there’s another factor too. I’ve got a spiritual DNA that’s tied into unlimited realms of any particular essence I could ever want. I have an unlimited pool of empathy I could draw from, if I choose to. But I have to be conscious, because if not, I’m going to end up going through life unconsciously, on autopilot, just doing whatever is already programmed in my consciousness through training and habit. In any moment I have the power of conscious choice to draw from a different source of DNA, one that is actually the core causal force of every other effect in creation.

We have a lot of spiritual potential, yes, but we also have a lot of humanness. It’s pretty clear that if we simply keep continuing with our human-dominated ways, we’re just going to keep creating what we’ve always created. We have to tap into the divine connection within to be able to merge heaven and Earth because we have to be relating to heaven, to the spiritual, the possible. We grew up learning how to relate to the Earth, the manifest physical world. That’s the biggest part of the experience of being a human.

At the end of a lifetime, people often report having a certain experience. It’s where all the things that we thought were important fall away from our awareness and we begin to see the things that were really important. The veil thins, and we can see that how we were being through life was more important than anything we ever did.

I can’t come to know myself as loving just by doing what I might think is a loving act. But if I begin to express myself from a place of love, then I’ll naturally do loving acts. I can think loving thoughts, but it’s so much more potent to feel loving feelings. When you feel a truly loving feeling, it locks inside of your cellular memory. It’s in there—you can draw upon the spirit and essence of it again anytime. But we end up trying to go the opposite direction through the process of creation.

For example, one time I was in a deep space of love, and having all these loving feelings for a friend. I had a loving thought: “What if go and fold their laundry? That would just be such a loving thing to do.” And the whole time I’m folding their laundry I’m feeling so much love for this person and I’m expressing it through this act.

Now time goes by … weeks, months, years. I’m not feeling that loving experience as I did before. I want to re-create that and get back into that feeling. So I remember my earlier experience, “Oh yeah, I’ve just got to go and fold somebody’s laundry. That’ll do it!” So I’m off folding laundry, folding laundry, trying to get back into that loving feeling. I associate that this particular feeling was in this particular act, and maybe if I do that act I can get back to that feeling. Only it doesn’t work that way.


Spend a little time inside yourself in the unlimited realms of Spirit and Being, connect with and bring forth that feeling, and then you can have that present in whatever act you’re doing. You are then free from attachment to the physical world because you’re bringing heaven into Earth, not relying on trying to find heaven in the Earth.

We are co-creator beings of love, born from a place of love. Go to the divine place within yourself, touch into divine character, and express that into your world through your thoughts, words and deeds. Then you know yourself as that divine character. This is the time, the era, that we have the ability and the opportunity to bring heaven into Earth, to bring our divine expression into our world. It is a vibrational mission. What matters most is the vibration you are bringing into your world. That’s what changes things. That’s what influences what is done. And then the results are simply a side effect.

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