Sunrise Ranch

By Jerry Kvasnicka

“Nullify” as defined by my dictionary is “to make of no value or consequence; to bring to nothing.” The founder of Sunrise Ranch, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, spoke of the principle of nullification and used it in relation to the distortion and dysfunctional patterns that surfaced in his own consciousness and also in relation to the conflict and corruption that were present in the world of his day.

By exercising the principle of nullification, he made these patterns of no effect in his own consciousness, and by virtue of the subconscious connections he had with all humanity he planted a similar nullifying influence in the mass consciousness. The force of this nullification depended on the absoluteness of his spiritual centering, and of the latter there was no question; he was totally centered in the truth of himself.

My primary spiritual practice

I have found this principle useful in my own spiritual service. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is my primary spiritual practice. David Karchere, spiritual director of Emissaries of Divine Light, has accurately described the world in which we live as a “cultural train wreck.” Simply by existing on the planet at this time, one is constantly bombarded by cultural, political, religious and social patterns that are quite contrary to the creative process of life.

My personal practice of nullification renders these patterns of no effect in my own consciousness, and through the heart connections I have with human beings everywhere invites them to do the same. It doesn’t require any special skill or rigorous training on my part, just a firm centering in the truth of who I am. And it happens automatically. I don’t even have to think about it as long as my spiritual focus is absolute and unshakable.

I see the practice of nullification as one of the primary ways to engage in the world-changing “subtle activism” that spiritual leader David Nicole talks about. Unless the cultural wreckage from the dysfunctional world pattern is allowed to pass away it will continue to entice and condition the minds of human beings, simply spreading the wreckage and embalming it in human consciousness.

My engagement with the news media

So as my primary spiritual practice I deliberately listen to numerous radio newscasts and talk shows during the day and watch television news and talk shows at night. This, of course, brings a substantial amount of information to me along with a lot of slanted political rhetoric. As I stay firmly centered in the truth of love, all that is false in this mass of information and misinformation is brought to no effect in my consciousness and in that of the world consciousness connected to me.

It is basically a purification process. World events, trends and issues are encompassed and embraced by the creative power of love at the core of my being and purged of all that is contrary to the natural design and sacredness of life. I don’t believe the appalling mess that human beings have made of the Earth will be cleaned up without potent, persistent and passionate application of the principle of nullification.

It is also a blessing process. Blessing has to do with the implementation of the power of love in physical form and its specific application to the circumstances that come to me. As I bless everything and everyone that comes into my consciousness, this, in effect, triggers the process of nullification to deal with all that is distorted and false to life. It could be said that blessing accentuates the positive while nullification eliminates the negative.

Are we here to shut out the world?

I occasionally encounter people in spiritual circles who are very proud of the fact that they never listen to, watch or read the news: “Why would I let that awful stuff from the world invade my sacred space and disturb my centering? I keep my consciousness pure.”

Is your consciousness that fragile? Is it spiritually responsible to close yourself off from the world in this way? To me this self-absorbed isolation smacks of pseudo-spiritual narcissism.

A good physician, particularly a surgeon, is able to look at any condition in a human body, no matter how horrific and gut-wrenching, and take the appropriate action. We are in essence spiritual physicians responsible for bringing healing to the world body of humanity. We cannot seriously address this healing work unless we are willing to look at the factual condition of this body, no matter how ugly and dark it may be, and then do the appropriate spiritual surgery.

So, yes, I make ample use of the media. Notwithstanding the limitations and imperfections of media journalism, I believe the media exist for one purpose and one purpose only: to assist those who are absolutely focused in the truth of love at this critical time on Earth to implement the principle of nullification and thereby facilitate the process of world transformation.

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