Sunrise Ranch

By Jerry Kvasnicka

What would a culture based on the consistent expression of the highest love look like? It certainly wouldn’t be a political culture, a religious culture, a business culture, a scientific culture, a military culture, a sports culture, an online culture or any of the other cultures that human beings have formed.

Martin Cecil, Emissary of Divine Light leader for 34 years, often spoke of what he called “the culture of the kingdom.” This culture is formed when human beings consistently express integrity and the other qualities of true character in daily living. Integrity springs from an acknowledgement, whether consciously or unconsciously, of the truth of love at the core of human identity. The new culture is formed in each moment as this integrity, a “seed of heaven,” is planted in the Earth.

In late September, the nation and the world were given a strong dose of the political culture that is dominant in Washington, DC. I refer to the hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to serve as an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court. The hearings degenerated into an almost circus-like spectacle when Kavanaugh defended himself after testimony by professor Christine Blasey Ford accusing him of sexual assault when the two were in high school thirty-six years ago.

But in the midst of this mayhem there were occasional flashes of integrity. This was particularly the case when Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, after indicating that he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, dramatically changed his mind after being confronted by two young women in an elevator who allegedly had survived sexual assault. Flake then made his vote to confirm conditional on a further FBI investigation of the sexual allegations.

To me, this decision by Senator Flake to defy his Republican colleagues and call for additional investigation was a courageous move that sprang from a latent sense of integrity. I immediately reinforced and strongly affirmed it in my own consciousness. And so it is whenever I detect evidence of integrity as I listen to or watch the news. I celebrate it internally, and this empowers an energetic current of integrity that flows out through all the heart connections that I have with human beings everywhere.

So is the seed of integrity, a seed of heaven, planted in the world, and the culture of the kingdom based on the highest love begins to take form on Earth. And this is the way it continues to solidify and gain momentum in the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community. We are constantly looking for integrity and other evidences of the highest love in each other. And when we see it or feel it, we reinforce it internally and draw it forth in ourselves and others.

The highest love is the truth of love, not some human interpretation. The moment the human mind begins to interpret and analyze the highest love and forms religions and philosophies based on its interpretations, the highest love is buried in a pile of distortions. Trapped in these distortions, human beings separate themselves from the truth of love, and conflict inevitably ensues.

Who has the courage to let love come forth without interpretation, without dilution, without distortion into a pile of human concepts about love? Only pure, unconditional and undiluted love, love that is radiantly poured out without concern for results will build a culture based on the highest love.

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