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Seven Steps To the Temple of Light | Hardcover

Seven Steps To the Temple of Light | Hardcover


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Emissaries of Divine Light introduces the new illustrated, hardbound edition of SEVEN STEPS TO THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT, by Uranda. In 1936, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, writing under the pen name Uranda, first published the booklet Seven Steps to the Temple of Light. Ever since, people hungry for an experience of spiritual awakening and transformation have followed the simple pattern of meditation set forth therein.

“Our function, as Emissaries, is to let Reality manifest in the world chaos, that in due season the Responding Ones of the masses will be drawn into harmonization with the Focal Expression of Reality which is made manifest through us in the world.”

“Let Love Radiate and thou shalt surely know Love. The Way of Love is Love.”
— Uranda. Hardcover, with pastel illustrations by David Holman.


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