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This Week’s Quotation:

He is the one God, hidden in all beings, all-pervading, the Self within all beings, watching over all works, dwelling in all beings, the witness, the perceiver, the only one, free from qualities.

~ Upanishad 6.11

The Self Within All Beings

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun
Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Director

This text makes me want to study Hinduism. I’ve been exposed to Hindu gods and goddesses. But I’ve never before seen a statement like this that correlates as closely to the monotheism that was brought to the world by the Abrahamic religions. And more importantly, never one that touches on what we have in common with all people and all life.

Do you know the Magic Eye optical illusions? When you first look at them, you see a blotchy looking illustration.  Stare long enough, and your eyes shift their focus. You see past the page to find a 3D image, full of magic and wonder.

Something within our 2D culture is fractionalizing all who take part in it. We keep getting broken up into smaller and smaller groups with less and less sense of connection to each other. 

Some talk of oneness. But what would create that experience? What would reverse the fractionalizing?

In my experience, it is something like seeing the Magic Eye 3D picture. When we gaze upon another person with eyes only slightly refocused, we can see the all-pervading Self within all beings. We see the face of the Beloved, hidden in plain sight. We see the face of Universal Love, whether the person is aware of that Love or not.

This oneness experience is not yet spread through the whole body of humankind—not by a long shot. But it is my dream? How about you?

As we honor the 40th anniversary of John Lennon’s passing, You may say I’m a dreamer. Yet I can conceive of no other way that we might experience oneness. No other way that we might come together and thrive as a human race.

And I know that every time I’ve looked past our 2D culture, I have gazed upon the face of Love.

Mindful Explorations

Today and in this coming week, when a person comes to mind, or when you meet them face-to-face, try this:

Adjust the inner eye of the heart. Perceive them anew. Look for the all-pervading Self within all beings. Look for the face of Love.

About Open Windows

We, the authors of this blog, dedicate it to the transparent exploration of the world’s sacred scripture and enlightened spiritual thought. We believe that the original inspiration of all faiths comes from a common source, named and revered in a myriad of ways. With that understanding, the innumerable symbols, beliefs, and practices of faith cease to divide. They become open windows to a common reality that inspires and unifies us. We find deeper insight and nourishment in our own faith and from the expression of faith from others. 

We hope these weekly quotations and meditations speak to your heart and soul.

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10 months ago

Your words beautiful and true. The third dimension offers a precious new view of life and humanity through changing the view of what we see.
I have discovered this in creating artwork, to visualize, through eyes that see new possibilities to create. I believe this to be The Creator, seeing through my eyes. The fact that more dimensions are available, to us, as we let go and let love command, is where the dream becomes reality. May we move in stealth, courage and grace to move through the open windows of the heart. So may it be, so it is.

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
10 months ago

Beautiful and thought-provoking. Thank you

10 months ago

Thank you! Such an eloquent description of what I believe is the ‘master key’ to peace and joy in these times of challenge and division. To answer the question of “what can I do to have inner peace, harmony and joy in this life?” There is only ONE thing to do., Only ONE task to accomplish. Only ONE answer to a question that humanly has been searching for for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That answer is to see the Creative force of life/the perfect God being in each person, and life form on this Earth. Duality will disappear and there will be Heaven on Earth.


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