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This Week’s Quotation:

Let me be embraced by the love by which the whole of creation is moved. The very essence with which all things are held together, dependent yet independent, whole yet individuated. In which all are my relatives.

~ Native American Prayer

Embraced by Love

Terri McCartney
Soul Care Facilitator

This Native American prayer provides an inspiring way to begin my day. That’s the reason I wanted to share it with you. It attunes me with Truth and fills me with a robust readiness to be awake to everything. As a result, I’m eager to step into my role in life’s divine production.

At the same time, there’s not a day that goes by where something doesn’t arise to test that eagerness. At times it feels so daunting that I want to escape from the onslaught. Maybe you can relate. Bottom line? There seems to be an endless stream of challenging opportunities urging us to wake up, show up differently and forge something new.

For this reason, I keep reminding myself, embrace this grand adventure! Life encourages us to don our inner magnificence and be the dynamic creators we were born to be. We are going beyond duality, purging all that excludes and separates, and coming up with fresh ideas to the long-standing human dilemmas created by the illusion of separation. Therefore, might we trust our hearts and love into the answers?

When we do that, we remember something truly awesome: responding with the Love that animates all that is enables us to transcend the laws that govern matter. We are accessing the God Field, where we have the woohooing experience that there is no order of difficulty!

Together, let’s discover the exhilaration of doing the impossible. Who joins me in welcoming an experience of being Life’s greatest lover? Whatever tickles your soul, this is your precious human experience, and the world needs what only your uniquely individuated spark of our creator can contribute. Enjoy discovering that you are limited only by your willingness and imagination.


About Open Windows

We, the authors of this blog, dedicate it to the transparent exploration of the world’s sacred scripture and enlightened spiritual thought. We believe that the original inspiration of all faiths comes from a common source, named and revered in a myriad of ways. With that understanding, the innumerable symbols, beliefs, and practices of faith cease to divide. They become open windows to a common reality that inspires and unifies us. We find deeper insight and nourishment in our own faith and from the expression of faith from others.

We hope these weekly quotations and meditations speak to your heart and soul.


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Marilyn Manderson
Marilyn Manderson
8 days ago

So beautiful Terri!. Indeed, every moment is an opportunity to open to the inspiritation that is our Divine birthright. Our world is blessed by this knowing and follow through, giving and receiving whole heartedly in our worlds. Thank you!

Tom Cooper
8 days ago

Yes, what a great spirit is the Great Spirit honored by Native Americans and those of us who feel One with that Great Spirit. IN the documentary “Live and Remember” about the Lakota Sioux, one of the tribal healers in the film talks of the need to be connected with “all my relatives” and he explains that he means by that with ALL OF LIFE – animals, plants, people — “all my relatives.” Thank you Terri and may they all of our relatives be blessed. WITH YOU, Tom

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
8 days ago

I would certainly run to join you in the experience of being “Life’s greatest lover.” Also to “transcend the laws that govern matter.” These things are not just wild imagination. This can be our actual experience as we embrace the grand adventure of life and enthusiastically bring into the world the gifts that we are uniquely here to bring.

8 days ago

Embrace this grand adventure! Oh yes – the only reason we are truly here!!!! Blessings!!!


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