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By Kate Jarosinska

What is it that drives mankind to explore a spiritual life? What are the possibilities within this drive and where will they lead us? The many paths of spirituality have one common thread, the mutual desire of human beings to know a truth beyond immediate appearances—the desire for humans to know who they are. The possibilities that open up from a strong authentic desire of seeking this truth have been written about for thousands of years, but ultimately it is the profound experiences that we have that catalyze and crystallize the meaning of life, forever driving us into the heart of the universe from which existence stems.

Individuals in the phase of spiritual seeking aspire toward truth and are driven by it. However, various motivations accost this search. The need to find one’s life purpose, the desire to use one’s intuition, the wish to improve relationships or heal one’s health—these are often the initial impulses behind the spiritual development stages. The spiritual development stages are the process of evolution that the spiritual seeker undergoes and are richly embedded in an authentic experience of primal spirituality.

Primal spirituality is based on the simple premise that the answer to the most significant questions in a person’s life is within them. Primal spirituality is the innate spirituality of humankind. This is the reality behind all of the world’s religions and spiritual paths. It is the key to our conscious function as creators and our access to the ultimate healing power of Universal Love.

Primal Spirituality is a leading spiritual personal-development class offered at Sunrise Ranch. It walks the seeker through the primary gateways of the spiritual experience to assist them in unlocking the possibilities of their true nature. The first gateway is Primal Spirituality 1: Blessing and Understanding.

The first spiritual development stage, addressed in Primal Spirituality 1, is Blessing. In this course, participants experience the relationship between blessing and spiritual healing to uncover answers to questions like, “How do I become a spiritual healer?” By passing through spiritual development stages like blessing, participants embrace their own deeper wisdom around the feeling currents that flow through the emotional body. And they acquire enlightened spiritual intelligence that has practical application in their lives.

So, if you’re wondering how to become a spiritual healer, Blessing is the first stop; here’s how it works:

What is blessing?

The warmth of blessing is an experience of the flow of Universal Love through the emotional body. The flow of blessing forms the primal bond that is rightly established during infancy and is renewed, repaired and strengthened during a person’s life.

What can blessing do?

Initiation into an experience of blessing is the healing of a profound disconnection that so many people feel—disconnection from others, from the world around them and from themselves. This disconnection is a primary blockage to healing.

How does blessing work?

Once you receive the gifts of blessing, they become available for you to share. You gain the ability to initiate others into the flow of blessing for themselves. Blessing connects a person to others and to the circle of life all around them. Blessing also connects the outer aspects of the human experience to the source of love, wisdom and life within each person.

Learn how to apply blessing to dispel internal discord, disillusionment and low self-esteem and immediately move into peace, confidence and joy. While blessing is an experience that you cannot think yourself through, once you know the formula, you can consciously allow it to transpire!

This stage in the Primal Spirituality course will walk you through the steps to create blessing, consciously use it and transmit it to uplift and heal your life and the world around you.

Ready to delve into more Primal Spirituality spiritual healing courses? Do you desire to find conscious tools for:

•  Moving past ceilings that have limited you?
•  Fulfilling the true, inspiring visions you have already received?
•  Developing emotional intelligence that allows you to become more effective in your personal and professional life?
•  Finding increased connection with others, greater happiness and a path to the fulfillment of your life destiny?

Use the link below to register for the course. Stay tuned to learn about the next spiritual development stage addressed in Primal Spirituality I: Understanding.

Register here.

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