Awaken, Arise, Activate

Gary Goodhue

Hear the Call from the Source of All

By Gary Goodhue


Creator Son of Reality, Awaken! Sons and Daughters of God, created in the image of … Don’t go and give your power away, then stop to think and say, I wish there was another way. You are powerful! You are free! You are the creator of your reality, so defined by cosmic law and divine decree. When it hurts to see something out there, it simply shows how deeply you care, and that you have something vital to share.


Your life, your choices, your actions … are important and critical to the evolution of this world! Don’t believe in some outside force, as the cause of your life course; know now that you are the source. You are powerful! You are free! You are a living link between divinity, and this grand awakening for humanity. Each new moment offers a fresh start, to connect and ground within your heart, to be the change and play your part.


The love, power and wisdom of the universe is eternally waiting to be activated within you! You exist on Earth as a being of love, divinely created in the image of … the Creator of All Life, below and above. You are powerful! You are free! The latent powers within your capacity, come to life in response to how you be. Honor the Creator in all of creation, and you will find a supreme realization.

You are here now to represent the spirit nation.

Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. Living and working at Sunrise Ranch, he serves as associate faculty for the Full Self Emergence and Primal Spirituality programs. He is the Director of Community Coordination at Sunrise Ranch. Gary supports healthy relationships and conflict resolution as a Restorative Circle facilitator and Unitive Justice trainer for Northern Colorado. As a wordsmith, he enjoys teaching, public speaking and performing his original high-vibrational spoken-word poetry. His focus is on bringing deep principles of truth and love into practical, everyday application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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