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The Sacred Power of Attunement Premium Card Deck and Energy Healing Guidebook

The Sacred Power of Attunement Premium Card Deck and Energy Healing Guidebook


Attunement Energy Healing: 49 spiritual keys to emotional intelligence, spiritual wisdom and transformation, enlightenment | Energy Medicine Book and Spiritual Oracle Deck



  • This card deck and guidebook are designed to bring you into greater alignment with your higher self, with your true nature, and with the Divine, Spirit, or God.
  • Attunement is a way of being. Some describe it as being spiritually activated and in harmony with life, being spiritual embodiment. When you’re in attunement with life and source, spiritual energy is flowing and you feel more like the real you. If you’re not in attunement, energy can get stuck and can go down a lot of bad roads. This card deck and guidebook is a tool for spiritual renewal.
  • This deck will help you to unlock the sacred spiritual power within your 7 major endocrine glands. These glands are loosely related to the chakra energy centers, but focused on the spiritual qualities contained within your endocrine glands. These glands release hormones that dictate your body’s functions and each gland has a special spiritual quality, which brings about emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom.
  • That spiritual wisdom that can be accessed in each endocrine gland uniquely interacts with each sphere of your life. We have broken this down into 7 spheres. Two examples of spheres are, “Ancestors & Leaders” and “Friends, Colleagues & Partners.”
  • You can use these cards and guidebook as a tool to bring this attunement current into the stuck parts of your life. Strengthen your spheres through the connection with yourself and the Divine, Spirit, or God.
  • The cards artfully portray heart-invoking images that bring you straight into the feeling of each card.
  • For those on the path of enlightenment and for those that feel called to mature in their spiritual wisdom, this card deck is the perfect tool and resource.
  • The spiritual technology that is contained within this card deck and guidebook have been developed and proven over decades. They truly are a tool for spiritual embodiment.
  • With this purchase, your invited to participate with a community of like-minded spiritual people and have access to our free and premium courses, including attunement card audios (complimentary to this deck) and our annual attunement practitioner trainings.