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Primal Spirituality

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Primal Spirituality is connecting to our source and embracing our destiny. It is reclaiming our first spirituality—the spirituality we were born with. And it is answering the call of our future, which is to embrace our role as co-creators on Planet Earth.

Primal Spirituality is the innate spirituality of humankind. This is the reality behind all the world’s religions and spiritual paths. It is the key to our conscious function as creators, and our access to Universal Love. And it is the remedy for the ignorance, dysfunction and self-sabotage that afflicts humanity.

Primal Spirituality courses teach enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Utilizing these principles, the courses are constructed to open seven personal gateways of experience:



Taking Intelligent Action

Fulfilling Mission

Enlightened Thinking



Passing through these gateways, participants embrace their own deeper wisdom around the feeling currents that flow through the emotional body. And they acquire enlightened spiritual intelligence that has practical application in their lives.

Primal Spirituality

1a takes participants through the first of these gateways:


The warmth of Blessing is an experience of the flow of Universal Love through the emotional body. The flow of Blessing forms the primal bond that is rightly established during infancy and is renewed, repaired and strengthened during a person’s life.


Blessing dispels internal discord, disillusionment and low self-esteem. It leads to peace, confidence and joy.


Blessing connects a person to others and to the circle of life all around them. Blessing also connects the outer aspects of the human experience to the source of love, wisdom and life within each person.


Initiation into an experience of Blessing is a healing of the profound disconnection that so many people feel—disconnection from others, from the world around them, and from themselves.


Blessing is an experience that you cannot think yourself through, though once you know the formula, you can consciously allow it to transpire.


Once you receive the gifts of Blessing, they become available for you to share. You gain the ability to initiate others into the flow of Blessing for themselves.

This course consists of clear presentations and powerful experiential exercises that lead the participant into a knowing of their Primal Spirituality. Primal Spirituality Courses are led by an experienced team of teacher-facilitators, and assist participants on the journey of becoming on the outside what they already are on the inside—a Being of great wisdom and love.

    &nbsp  Participants will       

Overcome subconscious resistance to their own fulfillment and happiness.

Embrace their own courage to be fully who they are.

Engage the deepest desires of their heart and unleash their brilliance.

Receive tools and exercises to assist them to manifest their vision in the world.

People who take the Primal Spirituality Courses have the opportunity to come into their own personal mastery as a creator and to assist others to move into that same experience. The courses unlock the creative genius that inspires liberated thinking and opens new pathways of Universal Love.

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