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By Kate Jarosinska

There are many recipes and practices that teach various ways to grow spiritually. However, none are as profound as the actual living of life. In the full experience of relating to another human being and to life itself, we enter the possibility of self-realizing our true nature. It is through this experience that we access a knowing—an intelligence beyond reason or a mental understanding of things—a deep power independent of thought.

Primal Spirituality is founded on the understanding that you can’t think yourself into happiness or fulfillment. Rather, real spiritual growth and development require a nourishing of the soul and an activation of the human spirit. Underlying all of the spiritual healing courses in Primal Spirituality is the understanding that the answers to the most significant questions in a human life are discovered as a person explores their relationship with a larger reality that transcends the human world. Essentially, this understanding leads to the experience of healing and the alignment of our relationship with the world and other human beings, a revelation of a perfect order and a clear seeing.

Primal Spirituality courses teach enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence to assist one in achieving perfect order and clear seeing. Utilizing these principles, the Primal Spirituality courses open the spiritual development stages that guide one in their spiritual awakening and answer practical questions such as how to listen to your intuition in relationships.

In the first blog I posted, I addressed the first stage of spiritual development covered in Primal Spirituality I: Blessing. The second spiritual development stage covered in Primal Spirituality I is Understanding. Understanding is one the most important keys to spiritual growth and the lodestone of intuition. Understanding unravels the bond between one and their external reality and helps one navigate the power of a divine co-creative life. If you’ve explored any one of these questions, Primal Spirituality I might be right for you!

How to listen to your intuition in relationships

The gateway of Understanding includes being understood. It includes the willingness to be vulnerable—to let your own emotional experience be seen by another. It is the willingness to expose your emotional experience to yourself so that you can understand yourself and gain emotional intelligence.

How do I know my intuition is right?

Understanding brings spiritual intelligence—a discernment of the powerful creative forces that are dynamically driving the human experience. With this discernment comes the ability to harmonize with those forces and to guide them masterfully for optimal creative results.

How to access your intuition

Understanding is an antidote to emotional disconnection. When we become a compassionate witness to the human experience, the closed heart opens up. Emotional pain dissipates. The flow of blessing connects. In this, the gateway of understanding allows a person to see what most people can’t see—the inner landscape of the human experience.

How to strengthen your intuition

While understanding can relate to many things, this gateway is most especially about a conscious understanding of the experience of people. It includes the ability to see, without judgment, what is transpiring in the emotional body of another person. When a person has walked through the gateway of understanding, they gain the ability to share, with others, compassion and insight into the human experience. With understanding, there is a perpetual strengthening of one’s intuition by its continuous use.

Are you ready to undertake a powerful spiritual journey into the depths of the unknown to strengthen your connection to your Primal Spirituality and uncover the power latent in your very source? Are you ready to:

  • Awaken spiritually?
  • Step more fully into your own authentic spiritual core?
  • Learn to ground enlightenment in practical experience?
  • Master the complex range of human emotion?
  • Provide leadership for personal and collective transformation?

Then register today to unleash the next spiritual development stage in Primal Spirituality I: Understanding.

Are you interested in learning more about spiritual courses at Sunrise Ranch? Click here to view upcoming events at Sunrise Ranch.

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