What is the relationship between Sunrise Ranch and Emissaries of Divine Light?

Sunrise Ranch was founded by the 501(3)c non-profit organization Emissaries of Divine Light in 1945. It is owned and operated by the Emissaries today. Sunrise Ranch is the hub of a network of people who are connected with Emissaries of Divine Light around the world.

Emissaries of Divine Light believe that the essential nature of every human being is divine, that we are all born to live a happy and fulfilling life through the expression of the unique spiritual gifts within us. We believe that all unhappiness and failure stems from a failure to express our unique gifts. And all happiness and fulfillment flows when individuals give what is theirs to give in life.

We believe that at the core of every issue humanity faces today—from the personal to the global— is a spiritual issue that we have the ability to address and answer as human beings. We believe that the most central spiritual issue we face is whether we will express on the outside who we already are on the inside—a sun, a being who has great love and light to give.

Emissaries of Divine Light welcome people from any spiritual path who acknowledge the sacredness of all life and who honor the Divine within all people and all Creation.

You can find out more about Emissaries of Divine Light at emissaries.org.