Wednesday Night Services

Every Wednesday night, we gather to hear from (usually) four or five community members about what’s moving in the community and in our lives. Sometimes we engage in facilitated practice, too. Wednesday night services tend to be more casual than our Sunday services. Here are audio recordings from those services. Click on the title to listen, or click the Download links to download to your computer.

October 28, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini facilitated this week’s online gathering. She began with gratitude for residents being able to come back to the Ranch after being evacuated for more than a week. She played part of a video called “Being For” by Kim Conrad. She asked Uma Faith, Sece Foster and Keahi Ewa to comment on certain chapters in the book “Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”: Patience, Tranquility, Realization, Assurance, Radiance and Wisdom. Jane finished with the last chapter, Love. Afterward, we were put into listening pairs to answer the following questions: What spiritual muscle have you developed during these challenging times? What could use a workout? What gifts have come to you recently from the spiritual strength of your friends that you would like to acknowledge and appreciate? When the time was up, we came into the full group to share.

October 21, 2020 – Full Service Download

David Karchere and Jane Anetrini were the facilitators for this week’s online gathering. David started the evening by sharing a video called “The Fire of Mother Nature,” based on a prayer he offered during Sunday service in the midst of Sunrise having to evacuate the valley because of the encroaching Cameron Peak Fire, the largest fire in Colorado history. Jane Anetrini read the last few paragraphs of this week’s Pulse of Spirit. She then introduced a time of listening pairs to explore the answers to questions such as: In what ways have you questioned what you’re receiving from the world recently?  What have you received for which you feel gratitude? Is there a way you could receive more of that? Do you think it’s possible that there are wonderful things you don’t receive because you’re not open to receiving them? After the breakout session, Jane asked the group, What do you want to have happen in the way that you receive? David wrapped up the evening by suggesting a couple of ways to receive: “Crack open the Third Sacred School …” was the first. The second was to read the opening verses from Isaiah Chapter 60, which begins, “Arise, shine, for thy light has come.”

October 14, 2020 – Full Service Download

Sece Foster focused this week’s online gathering in the midst of wildfires close to the Ranch. The day was spent packing and getting ready to evacuate if necessary, but as of Wednesday night, no evacuation orders came through. Lana Roach offered an opening prayer. Sece invited us to sing along to a song by Rickie Byers Beckwith called “Wholly Holy Way.” Sece talked about how it’s been difficult in these challenging times to stay centered in our power. She showed a graphic created by David Hawkins illustrating levels of consciousness, and talked about life hacks she’s employed to raise her vibration. She invited us to close our eyes and think of a situation in our lives where a higher vibration is needed. She invited us to ponder what kind of spiritual action we could take to raise our vibration in those situations. She asked us to imagine taking that action and seeing what that looks and feels like. We then broke into listening pairs to share those reflections. Afterward, she opened it up for a full-group discussion around life hacks we could share to move up from lower-vibrational states to higher ones. David Karchere shared many well wishes from our Facebook page, and Sece brought the evening to a close with a prayer.


October 7, 2020 – Full Service Download

The facilitator for this week’s online gathering was Spiritual Director David Karchere. Karen Pritchard got the energy flowing with a meditation to Vivaldi’s “Springtime,” encouraging us to “conduct” the music and imagine the movement represented in that piece. David then told a story about a time when an expert drummer he knew played an old set of bongo drums with a ripped head and made them sound amazing. David likened a drum head to that part of us that resonates spiritually and spoke at length about how that relates to our lives. He asked the group, What are your insights into all of this, and What might we do together to be the drum and to allow this collective field of consciousness to resonate with the wind of The Spirit? The open discussion went through to the end of the time.

September 30, 2020 – Full Service Download

Oren Yakovee was the facilitator for this evening’s online gathering, which began with an opening prayer from Sece Foster. Oren read a passage from the Pulse of Spirit, about the drum beat, or vibration, that guides our lives. He introduced Phyllis Kotyk to speak on the topic. Other speakers were Dorian Black, Rachel Morrison and Kimberly Foster. (Unfortunately, Dorian’s audio was not good; apologies for the sound quality in that portion.) Oren then introduced a time of listening pairs: What greater spiritual gifts, greater knowing, greater guidance or understanding do I gain access to now, as I allow the rhythm of highest love to move through my heart and our collective hearts? Afterward, Oren opened it up for full-group discussion and ended with a time of Attunement.

September 23, 2020 – Full Service Download

Gary Goodhue was the facilitator for this evening’s online gathering. Denis Leefe began the evening with an opening prayer. Gary spoke on the topics of the benefit of metaphors, the vibration of sound and the generation of pneumaplasm. Carolyn Gruchy and Uma Faith then talked about their experiences regarding generating pneumaplasm. Uma introduced the questions for listening pairs: How do you actively build pneumaplasm in your life? and, How do you dissipate pneumaplasm with yourself or others? Gary then talked about a metaphor of soil and seed in regard to pneumaplasm. Rachel Morrison talked about “letting go and letting God,” and Oren Yakovee spoke about our work in the morphic field. Oren introduced the next set of questions for listening pairs: How do you surrender your personal will to a higher pattern? and, How do you impose your ideas into the creative process? Afterward, Gary spoke a little about the metaphor of being the drummer and being the drum; he then opened it up for full-group discussion to close the evening.

September 16, 2020 – Full Service Download

Uma Faith facilitated this week’s Wednesday night service. She started with a prayer from Attunement Card 34, The Spirit of Life for Family, Community and Organization. Uma talked about one of Uranda’s teachings … that seeds for the future must come from “heaven,” or the realm of all possibility, and how that informs the current transitional period we’re in, at Sunrise and in the world at large. Jewel Wensel introduced a song called “Shift” by David Newman and talked about the new moon bringing a shift in collective consciousness, a shift from fear to love. She introduced a topic for small-group discussion: In all this time of lockdown, what has come up for you that you are ready to let go of? Afterward, Jewel talked about seeding the future and introduced the next small-group discussion topic: What wants to be birthed in this moment and planted and given momentum? Uma then opened it up for full-group discussion. We ended the night with a video of a quote from Rumi.

September 9, 2020 – Full Service Download

This week’s Wednesday night gathering was focused by Jane Anetrini and Keahi Ewa. Jane began the evening with a prayer. Keahi spoke of the previous week, with wildfires nearby, and maintaining a sense of center and focus for whatever needed to happen. Jane talked about finding the still point within ourselves. She introduced questions for small-group discussions around that topic. Keahi then talked about the importance of bringing understanding from a place of peace to distressing situations we find ourselves in. Jane introduced the next small-group discussion: How do you assist other people to find their still point, and what have you noticed happens when you hold a still point in agreement with another person? Afterward, she opened it up for full-group sharing and brought the evening to a close.

September 2, 2020 – Full Service Download

Keahi Ewa focused the online Wednesday evening service this week. Jane Anetrini began with an opening prayer. Oren Yakovee then spoke on how we can become original cause in the morning. He read a Morning Sanctification and introduced the topic for listening pairs: What do you do, or what would like to do to sanctify your morning? After that, Lana Roach spoke about her understanding of being one with God, or Universal Being. She read an Evening Sanctification. She introduced the question for listening pairs: What do you do or what would you like to do to sanctify the end of your day? Katie Garnett spoke next, particularly about the Ho’oponopono prayer. She introduced the next listening-pairs question: What would do or like to do to sanctify a moment when it is needed? Keahi then invited full-group discussion. To close the evening, Keahi shared a video called “The Blessing.”

August 26, 2020 – Full Service Download

This week’s online gathering was hosted by Sece Foster. JJ Johnson began the evening with an opening prayer. The song “One Power” by Daniel Nahmod was played, and Sece introduced the topic for the evening: the power of our words. She spoke about the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Luiz, the first of which is, “Be impeccable with your words.” Terri McCartney shared a story about a public-speaking class she used to teach. Jane Anetrini then shared a story about being shamed at a party by someone she respected. Sece then had us break into listening pairs to talk about a time when words have been powerful in our lives. Afterward, she opened it up for discussion about the topic among the whole group. Sece played a song called “Speak Life” by Toby Mack. She brought the evening to a close by inviting the group to speak words of life to the world at large.

August 19, 2020 – Full Service Download

Leading our online gathering this week was Oren Yakovee. The theme for the evening was around unified radiation of the divine presence, like the ringing of a great bell. Sece Foster set the tone with a prayer and a chant. Oren played a few excerpts from this past week’s Sunday service to help bring the theme into focus. We then broke up into small groups to consider, “What is the bell that is mine to ring at this moment?” When we came back, we were given the opportunity to continue that consideration as a whole group. Keahi Ewa introduced a time of attunement during which people “rang the tone” on various situations. After each individual spoke, someone would answer, “I ring the tone with you.”

August 12, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini was the facilitator for this online gathering. Sece Foster began the evening with an invocation. Lana Roach led the group in an exercise that had us asking, What is real? What do we really know as fact? Gary Goodhue then spoke about the nuance between giving control over to Spirit and us being in the driver’s seat, being conscious enough to invite Spirit in. He also spoke briefly about how we are conditioned by culture, family, life experiences, etc. He introduced a small-group discussion topic: How can we be more aware of our consciousness? And, what areas of your life would benefit from you being more in the driver’s seat? Jane then spoke about looking at the times in our lives when we do things unconsciously. She invited people in the large group to chime in on the topic to close the evening.

August 5, 2020 – Full Service Download

David Karchere led the online gathering this week. He began by showing a video, “Call in the Vastness.” David asked Bruce Campbell, Rachel Morrison and Oren Yakovee to speak on “What it means to me to have my heart and soul melted by the loving nature of Divine Presence.” We then broke into small groups to discuss an experience of the melting of our own heart and soul. When we came back to the full group, David offered a meditation largely around the word “dignity.” He then opened it up to full-group discussion around that topic. David then invited us to sing “Evening Hymn.” We ended the evening with a slide show of photos that David took at sunset around the reservoir here in the valley, along with music and quotes from David. You can see that here.

July 29, 2020 – Full Service Download

Sece Foster focused this week’s online gathering. Gary Goodhue began the evening with a prayer. Sece introduced the theme: The signature vibration of beloved community. She played a song, “Blessing to the World,” by Karen Drucker. She introduced questions to discuss in listening pairs: What is self-love? What are the barriers to loving yourself? What could you do now to allow more self-love into your experience? And how might that shift things in your relationship to others? Afterward, she led us in a guided meditation that included the Ho’oponopono prayer directed toward ourselves. We ended the gathering with shares from the group as a whole.

July 22, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini facilitated this week’s Wednesday night online gathering. The evening began with a prayer led by Oren Yakovee. Longtime Emissary Tom Cooper then spoke about great figures who have had to make the most wrenching decisions in history, the topic of his new book. Tom introduced the topic for the first breakout session: If someone wrote about my life, what impact might it have on the reader? Karen Boyett spoke about having reminders of what is most precious to us. She asked us to notice, when she says the words “sacred” and “precious,” where we feel it in our bodies. She introduced the next breakout session topic: What is most sacred and precious to you, and what could help you sustain that awareness in your day-to-day life? Marilyn Manderson then spoke about her relationship with God. She introduced the next discussion topic: How are you building beloved community? A final question for the whole group was: What more would you like to do for the whole community? Jane read the answers that were typed into the chat box.

July 15, 2020 – Full Service Download

This Wednesday night online gathering was hosted by Keahi Ewa. The night began with Pat Campbell playing an organ piece. Sece Foster offered an opening prayer for the evening, and Patrick Padden told a story related to our topic: reciprocity. Lana Roach introduced a question for us to ponder in listening pairs: Share an experience you’ve had of reciprocity and how it felt. Afterward, Ruth French spoke on the topic. We had another listening-pair time to explore an experience we’d had of the giving end of reciprocity and how that felt. Keahi then shared about the receiving end of reciprocity, and we broke into listening pairs again to share our experiences of that aspect. Next was a large-group sharing, answering the question, What is the gift that is truly yours to give now? Lana then concluded the evening with a blessing.

July 8, 2020 – Full Service Download

Facilitating for this Wednesday night online service was Oren Yakovee. Keahi Ewa opened the evening with a prayerful song. Carolyn Gruchy offered a prayer and meditation by B Pryor with simple hand movements. We then listened to an audio excerpt from Sunday of Spiritual Director David Karchere speaking about True Dualism. Gary Goodhue offered a few words on non-dualism and introduced a time for listening pairs, in which we were to name a situation that would benefit from overcoming judgment. Soma Hunter then shared a poem written by Jo Harjo. He introduced another round of listening pairs focusing on naming a person with whom you could bridge the gap from false duality to true, dynamic dualism. Heather Gray read a poem by Shel Silverstein and then introduced the next round of listening pairs: Name one of your unique qualities that you tend to downplay; what might shift if you were to embody a greater acceptance and ownership of that quality? After that, we moved into whole-group sharing, and ended with a meditation guided by Lana Roach.

July 1, 2020 – Full Service Download

This Wednesday night online service was facilitated by Uma Faith. The evening began with the recording of Attunement Card 24, the Spirit of Purification. The topic for the evening was bringing an activating vibration in order to create a pattern that is creative. Patrick Padden shared a quick “human cymatics” experiment with us. Gary Goodhue talked about the meaning of the words “pater” and “mater.” After an introduction about the topic from Uma, we broke up into small groups to discuss an experience we’ve had in which a creative pattern easily and naturally unfolded. In a second round of small-group discussion, we talked about a pattern in our lives that is not working well; what activating vibration could we bring to allow a shift to happen, and how would that change the situation? We then ended with a whole-group discussion and a beautiful slide show from Spiritual Director David Karchere. Click here to see that video.

June 24, 2020 – Full Service Download

Spiritual Director David Karchere facilitated this online gathering. Sece Foster sang a chant she wrote called “Zin Uru.” David introduced the topic, having to do with our words, and how we say what we say, the tone, the energy, the body language. Same with our actions; they can be full of creative or destructive energy. We broke into small groups to discuss these questions: Name a time when someone said something to you that was hurtful or negative, and how did that feel? Name a time when someone said something positive to you, and how did that feel? After we returned from the small groups, Sece Foster, Jane Anetrini, Oren Yakovee and David talked about the factors involved in whether words have a negative or positive impact. We ended with a few full-group shares.

June 17, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini was the facilitator for our online Wednesday evening service this week. Sece Foster said an opening prayer, and Jane introduced our topic, about sanctuary, about a vibrational ark, about building bridges that provide an atmosphere of acceptance and love. We broke into small groups to discuss these questions: How do you maintain an atmosphere that provides a bridge and creates a vibrational ark? What can you do to magnify that atmosphere? What destroys that atmosphere? When we came back into the main virtual “room,” several people shared about their small-group discussions. Jane closed the evening by reading an attunement card.

June 10, 2020 – Full Service Download

Focusing the online Wednesday evening service this week was Uma Faith. Karen Pritchard offered an invocation involving candles that we lit in our individual homes. Uma spoke about our topic: invoking divine presence. Sece Foster also spoke, about how invoking the divine has been a big focus in her life. We watched a video of John Denver offering a peace poem and singing “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream.” We broke into small groups, answering the questions, How do you invoke the divine, and when, where, why? Also, How are things different when you invoke divine presence? After the breakout sessions, we had whole-group shares, and we ended the evening with a prayer.

June 3, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini focused the online Wednesday night service, with Karen Boyett offering an opening prayer. Jane talked about maintaining a sacred atmosphere and listed creative steps to developing discipline. Oren Yakovee spoke briefly and shared a short excerpt from David Karchere’s Sunday talk, about being a lighthouse. We then broke into small groups to discuss a time when we had experienced self-discipline and what that felt like and from where the passion for that self-discipline came; how our lives would be different if we maintained sacred atmosphere; and what the benefits of that might be. We came back to the whole group to share insights. Another small-group time was centered around vulnerability. After that, we came back to the full group and had a few more shares to wrap up the evening.

May 27, 2020 – Full Service Download

Keahi Ewa focused our online Wednesday evening gathering. Gary Goodhue started with an opening prayer, and Keahi read a poem by Barbara Rohde, “We Stand at the Edge of a True Wilderness.” She then asked us to reflect on something about which we would like encouragement, and to journal about that, answering the questions, Who could bring that encouragement to you, and what would they say? We then got into listening pairs and typed those encouraging statements into our chat box, and each one reflected those words back to the other. Later, we typed the most important parts of those statements into the full-group chat box, and Melissa Jacobs and Bruce Campbell read those statements to the whole group. The night ended with some shares from the full group.

May 20, 2020 – Full Service Download

Sece Foster focused our online Wednesday night service this week. She had Lana Roach open our time with a prayer. We watched a video by Gregg Braden, who emphasized that “feeling is the prayer.” Sece then led us in a guided meditation, and we broke into listening pairs. When we came back to the full group, there was some sharing about what came up in our listening pairs or the previous elements of our service. Sece played “Imagine” by John Lennon, and we shared through the chat box our imaginations of the world we’d like to live in. We ended the evening with an attunement prayer.

May 13, 2020 – Full Service Download

Oren Yakovee was the facilitator for this online session. He started with a video of a song that has gone viral. The song is the classic Rogers and Hammerstein “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” sung by Captain Tom Moore, along with Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir. Captain Tom is a 100-year-old man in the United Kingdom who walked around his garden to raise money for NHS Charities Together, which supports the NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. Here’s the link to that video. After a quick check-in with the whole online group, Oren spoke about the concept of tensegrity and shared a video about that. We broke into small groups to ponder this: Name an experience where you held the sacredness of the field with both essences of Mother God and Father God. In a second round, we asked, What enhances the quality of your morphic field? How does that affect your service, your field, or your relationships? After that, we came back to the main “room” for individual shares. Our evening ended with healing chant.

May 6, 2020 – Full Service Download

Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Director David Karchere focused the virtual service this week. We broke into small groups for a check-in and talked about this question: What are some of the emotions you’ve felt in the past week? When we came back to the full group, David gave a presentation he called “Emotions, Thought and the Morphic Field.” After that, we broke into small groups again to answer this question: Do you see a relationship between what you’ve been feeling recently and the morphic field? When we came back to the full “room,” several people shared what they had discussed in their small groups.

April 29, 2020 – Full Service Download

For this week’s virtual gathering, Jane Anetrini began by playing a video by Sam Robson of the Christian hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.” She read quotes by David Karchere and Oren Yakovee, and Keahi expanded on those themes, having to do with thinking as a spiritual practice and using our lives as opportunities for serivce. We then broke into small groups to explore these questions: What old thoughts are you tired of thinking? What are the thoughts that you have yet to allow yourself to think? What is the thought that is in the mind of God that is ready to be born into our collective awareness if we would but let it? (This part of the service was not recorded.) When we got back into the large gropu, several people shared what came up during that small-group exploration.

April 22, 2020 – Full Service Download

Uma Faith was the facilitator for this Wednesday night service, which again took place online. She began by having us each light a candle to set a sacred space. Atom Terpening led a guided meditation. Gary Goodhue and Uma each spoke about shifting consciousness. Uma introduced a film called Gratitude, created by Louie Schwartzberg with his stunning time-lapse photography and narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast. Here’s a link to that film (shown during a TED Talk by Schwartzberg). We broke into small groups to explore a shift that we might like to make in our own lives. After coming back to the full “room,” the time together was ended by a shared prayer.

April 15, 2020 – Full Service Download

Director of Sunrise Ranch Ministry Jane Anetrini focused the online gathering. Hugh Duff got us started with a talk on devotion and the highest love. “To be doevoted to the highest love is the highest calling,” he said. Jane then offered a list of signs you’ve had a spiritual awakening, expanding briefly on each item. We broke into small groups to share experiences of our own awakenings. Afterward, several shared about their small-group conversations.

April 8, 2020 – Full Service Download

Director of Operations Keahi Ewa focused this online gathering. It began with Lana Roach leading us in an opening meditation. Joyce Karchere sang “How Can I Keep from Singing?” Courtney Bohlman talked about serving from right where we are. Oren Yakovee gave us a lesson about Passover, when the God center is in place in terms of protection. Keahi then posed the question: What’s holding us back? We broke into pairs online; one person would talk about what might be holding them back, and the other would answer, “Protection is to the left of you. Protection is to the right of you.” That part was not recorded. Lana brought the gathering to a close with another guided meditation.

March 25, 2020 – Full Service Download

As we got together for another online service, Oren Yakovee offered an opening prayer, Karen Pritchard read a poem, and Keahi Ewa offered a presentation on global unity. Spiritual Director David Karchere had us break into diads online to talk about a high and a low in our lives here on Sunrise Ranch during this global pandemic. That part of the gathering was not recorded. After that, Sece Foster, Jane Anetrini and David shared their thoughts, and we had a time of Attunement radiation for all those affected by this global situation.

March 18, 2020 – Full Service Download

This was the first Wednesday night service that was held via teleconference (Zoom) in light of the encouragement by the CDC to refrain from gathering in groups in person because of the coronavirus global pandemic. It was facilitated by Spiritual Director David Karchere. After a meditation led by Sece Foster, we broke into small groups of four or five and answered the question, “What are you experiencing now?” One small group was recorded. When we came back into the full group, we offered light to those suffering in the world in the midst of the pandemic. Our time together ended with Sece Foster singing “We Are Not Alone.”

March 11, 2020 – Full Service Download

For this Wednesday night gathering, there was an altar in the center of our circle with candles representing fire and a bowl of water representing a river. We started with a meditation. Keahi Ewa then led us in a moving meditation that culminated in the participants creating a river, with the river banks being a line of people on one side and a line on the other. Each person was invited to go down through the river, between the people on either side, symbolizing being bathed and receiving strength and blessing from those on the river banks. After that, we split into groups of three to talk about our experience of the river ceremony. Spiritual Director David Karchere closed the hour with a prayer.

March 4, 2020 – Full Service Download

This week’s Wednesday night service was focused by Uma Faith, who led us in a meditation and ceremony inspired by this week’s Pulse of Spirit. The ceremony was based on a Native American ritual called “The Giveaway,” the purpose of which is to restore balance and harmony in the tribe. After the meditation, those who felt ready to do so brought to an altar something that they were holding, such as unforgiveness or anger or resentment, to let it be burned up in the fire (candles) there. We broke into small groups and talked about our experiences of the ceremony, and later, some shared their experiences with the whole group.

February 26, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini focused this week’s Wednesday night service. She brought up themes from this past Sunday’s service, about essences of the God Field, and the urge to live, to love, and to create a womb space, allowing the world of tomorrow to be birthed in us. Oren Yakovee led the group in The Form Reality Practice, this one called Cosmo Form. After that, we held our hands out toward the center of the room in a practice of sending love to our friends. Those who felt led stood up, one at a time, and walked to the center of the space to receive that love and then, if led, to offer it back to the room.

February 19, 2020 – Full Service Download

This week’s service was facilitated by Oren Yakovee. He focused on the idea of integrating our spiritual knowledge into our everyday lives. We started with an energy circle, and Sece Foster led the group in a meditation. Uma Faith then asked us to break into listening pairs, and we talked about situations that were troublesome in our lives through which we were able to transform and evolve. A second question was around tense situations that might be arising in our lives today and what we could bring to those situations that would result in clarity and peace.

February 12, 2020 – Full Service Download

Sece Foster facilitated this week’s gathering. She centered on work done by Dr. David R. Hawkins, an author whose published works focus on frequencies associated with consciousness and emotional states. We broke into dyads to discuss the ideas of power and force—specifically times when we’ve done many things with little result and times when we’ve done nothing outwardly but have seen significant change. We ended the evening by naming one thing in our lives around which we’d like to raise the frequency, then Sece led a prayer of attunement around those things, and we finished with a chant.

February 5, 2020 – Full Service Download

This week’s service was facilitated by Oren Yakovee, who introduced the term “cymatics,” which describes what happens when seemingly inert matter becomes energized by frequency. Oren played a video showing sand on a plate taking on various patterns when various frequencies were played. We later broke up into triads and offered attunements to each other, as directed by John Flood. That was followed by discussions in our small groups. We finished the evening by offering one sentence, beginning with the word “may,” to express the sacredness touched and how we would like to integrate it.

January 29, 2020 – Full Service Download

Spiritual Director David Karchere led this week’s Wednesday night service, focusing on topics from Sunday’s service and the Pulse of Spirit. He used a graphic created by Barbara Marx Hubbard, called the Wheel of Co-Creation, to illustrate his thoughts about lineage and where “the Silver Cord,” our vertical connection with the realm of potentiality, or spirit, or heaven, fits into the picture. We got into small groups to discuss our own lineage—our blood line, cultural line and spiritual line. The evening ended with a chant.

January 22, 2020 – Full Service Download

We opened by talking about our journey of intention and were led us in a guided meditation. Afterward, we got into pairs to talk about what is most sacred and precious to us. We then saluted the sun in the east, then the altar in the center of the room and walked around the altar, chanting. A few people shared their experiences, and we ended with each one giving one word about what we’re bringing to Sunrise Ranch and our world.

January 15, 2020 – Full Service Download

Uma Faith facilitated this evening’s service. She focused on themes from David Karchere’s talk on Sunday, such as the “escape velocity”—becoming free; being self-referential—asking how this affects me; reciprocity—seeing from another’s perspective; and the Golden Rule. After this introduction, she gave the floor to Courtney Bohlman, who recently traveled back to Ghana to visit a school where she taught a year ago to see how they were doing. Courtney talked about radical responsibility and the power of being ourselves showing up in our own power. After that, we broke into groups of three to discuss how we can take radical responsibility in our own lives and how we can cultivate the garden of consciousness here on Sunrise Ranch.

January 8, 2020 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini and Keahi Ewa focused the Wednesday night gathering by having the group split up into pairs and going through what’s called the Transformational Interview, usually used during Full Self Emergence coaching sessions. After each person acting as interviewer, then as interviewee, the group got back into a large circle and shared some of their insights.

December 18, 2019 – Full Service Download

David Karchere led the Wednesday night service. He asked us to contemplate seven quotations from the Bible that had to do with reciprocity. We then broke into groups of three to discuss the quotations.

December 11, 2019 – Full Service Download

During this service, Keahi Ewa led us in a process to bring spiritual medicine to personal and global issues. Four people sat in the middle of our circle and expressed a desire to be supported in a particular challenge, which could be personal, work-related, social, spiritual, global or political, etc. Another group of people stood around that inner circle, bringing spiritual medicine such as compassion, understanding, courage or strength. The outer circle of people, representing the All That Is, chanted or sang. This process was repeated twice more. Because the people in the inner circles were not on microphone, their challenges and corresponding medicine could not be heard well, and in some cases, not at all.

November 27, 2019 – Full Service Download

Sece Foster facilitated the service this week. The focus was on those people who have had a positive impact on our lives, offering gratitude for them and bringing them into our circle energetically. The evening ended with community members singing “Thank You For This Day” by Karen Drucker; most everyone picked up a percussion instrument to accompany the Sunrise “band.”

November 20, 2019 – Full Service Download

Oren Yakovee and Carolyn Gruchy led the Wednesday night service this week. Carolyn led us in the Form Reality Practice, as taught by Bernie Pryor. After that, we did a mingling exercise in which we walked around the room randomly, then stopped in front of a person and said something like, “I see you. I honor the divine in you.” The other person would accept that greeting and return it in their own words. After that, we went into listening pairs to discuss what new insights we are opening to around what purity of heart is allowing us to see. We ended the evening with a chant, which was not recorded.

November 13, 2019 – Full Service Download

For this gathering, Uma Faith led us in a guided meditation and then had the group break up into pairs to discuss our community—how we can show up in community and what gifts we can bring to the community to make it stronger. After that, individuals in the group offered their visions and wisdom about those ideas into the circle.

November 6, 2019 – Full Service Download

In this evening’s gathering, we were asked, What is it that is wanting to express itself in you, and what is holding you back from being the full expression of your being?

October 30, 2019 – Full Service Download

Spiritual Director David Karchere introduced this Wednesday night service topic by talking about Uranda’s idea of us as God beings and the love and truth that we radiate in that capacity. He noted that this power can be experienced together as we co-create our reality. As we sat in a large circle, David invited us to comment on this idea.

October 23, 2019 – Full Service Download

During this gathering, Jane Anetrini had us break up into small groups and share with our group an experience of a shrine. The exercise continued with more questions, such as how Sunrise Ranch might be developed as a shrine or holy place and what we, as individuals, might do to nurture it. The individual group conversations couldn’t be recorded, but we ended as a large group in a circle sharing some of the insights that arose in our discussions, and those comments were recorded.

October 16, 2019 – Full Service Download

Diana de Winton – A Living Shrine that Draws People Download

Uma Faith – The Preciousness of Our Relationships Download

Jane Anetrini – I Want to Do This With You Download

David Karchere – Today is the Day Download

October 9, 2019 – Full Service Download

Spiritual Director David Karchere opened the service with the situation of the Kurdish people in Syria who have been fighting terrorists, particularly ISIS, with the help of American forces. Since President Trump decided to withdraw American forces from that area, those Kurds have been left vulnerable. David invited us to think about the words we use and the part they play in creating good governance, here in the U.S., on Sunrise Ranch and abroad. At the end of the service, four people sat in the center of the circle, representing the Kurds, and the community chanted around them; that part of the service was not recorded.

October 2, 2019 – Full Service Download

With several international trustees and servers visiting the Ranch this week, Jane Anetrini began our service asking, “How have you brought your light into the world today?” We sat in a circle, and many in the room answered that question.

September 25, 2019 – Full Service Download

During this service, Spiritual Director David Karchere talked about self-help remedies, first in the legal sense and then in a spiritual sense. He asked us if we’d like to share our own self-help remedies—what we do to bring ourselves back to a place of spiritual centeredness.

September 18, 2019 – Full Service Download

For this gathering, we sat in a circle, and Jane Anetrini noted that the trustees and the international servers gathering is about to take place, and that we have a part to play in holding an atmosphere for these gatherings. She asked what gift we could bring to assist the greatest possible container for the work and for the atmosphere at Sunrise for the coming year, and we went around the room saying a word or two, naming our gifts. She also noted we’re celebrating the birth of this ministry, September 16, 1932. (This part of the service was off mic, so it is not part of the recording.) Afterward, we participated in a chant. Keahi Ewa read a piece from the Pulse of Spirit and reflected on it, then asked others in the room to share their thoughts on the reading.

September 11, 2019 – Full Service Download

During this service, Director of Operations Keahi Ewa led us in a practice of sharing words that we would have liked to hear at a time when we may have been struggling, to create a space of safety, upliftment and encouragement.

September 4, 2019 – Full Service Download

Jane Anetrini began this service by reading an excerpt from The Pulse of Spirit and commenting on it. She invited others to come up and comment on that part, as well. Afterward, others in the audience came up to read more excerpts and comment on them.

August 28, 2019 – Full Service Download

For this service, we sat in a circle. David Karchere shared an early version of a song he’s collaborating on with musician and Evolutionary Leader Kristin Hoffman. It’s an anthem for the children of the world, particularly the children being held in detention camps in the U.S. Afterward, we shared our ideas about power—what it is, what it means to us, and how it can be used for good in the world. We ended the service with a chant.

August 21, 2019 – Full Service Download

We started this service by getting into a large circle. David Karchere asked if four people would like to be the recipients of the full group’s energetic focus. Four people made their way to the center, then 10 people around them, and the rest of the group around those two inner circles. We all chanted, sending that energy to the center. After that, David asked us to talk about how creativity was manifesting in our lives today. Several people contributed to that discussion.

August 14, 2019 – Full Service Download

During this service, we sat in a large circle, and David Karchere led an open discussion about spirituality and around spiritual words such as “God” and “Heaven,” etc. There was some technical difficulty in recording, and those who paused in speaking or who spoke too softly weren’t fully recorded.

August 7, 2019 – Full Service Download

The Seventh Annual ARISE Music Festival took place over the weekend, August 2-4, and during this Wednesday night service, we sat in a large circle, and Spiritual Director David Karchere asked us to recall a highlight from the festival.