Sunrise Ranch

By Jane Anetrini

How does magic come through a singer, a poet, a dancer, or an artist? How does wisdom come? Because they make space for it to come. I have been considering if this magic and wisdom comes differently to men and women. Is there a feminine track of creation and a masculine track? What is the difference between the experience of the feminine and the masculine in my life, and in my human experience?

I happen to be female (this you know). There is a predominance of feminine energy over my masculine energy, I would imagine just because of that. But my mind has been spending years trying to figure out how it all works, and after I do, how I can articulate it well. I thought if I understood this at a mental level I could get better at creating. I have realized I have to give up on trying to figure it out, defining it in a way that makes sense to my mind and then possibly explaining it. I need to create a space to experience it.

There are things I have tried to understand and explain mentally, and I haven’t been successful. I have had magical experiences of knowing something wonderful. The magic and wisdom of understanding happens when I make space for it to come and stop thinking so hard.

Over the years, I have tried discerning the difference between the masculine and feminine influence on children—mother and father—again, trying to have some understanding of how creation works. When I started to create a list of the qualities that a person would want to receive from their mother and/or their father, I couldn’t actually separate them out.

For example, strength. Perhaps I’d like strength from my father but not so much from my mother. No-o-o … not true. If my mother wasn’t strong, I am not sure I would have survived. And my father had to be strong to do what he chose to do in his life. So as a little girl, you think having a strong mother and a strong father was important? I say, “Yep!”

Protection: Is that a masculine quality or a feminine quality? I have thought this was a very masculine quality and have discovered it is also very feminine. Protection in the animal world is seen as mother bears and elk charge when someone comes between them and their baby. Hens put their chicks under their wings to protect them. But also, have you ever been attacked by a rooster protecting his hens? I have. Right in the bum. Climbing over a fence trying to get away, he got me anyway. Obviously, both are useful and healthy.

How about inspiration? Masculine or feminine? Having someone be proud of you—is it more valuable coming from mother or father?

The list goes on: the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being valued and seen, being taught to take care of yourself. I couldn’t manage to create a list of “this is masculine, this is father; this is feminine, this is mother,” and it made it more frustrating and, as a result, became simpler. I had to stop myself from trying to figure it out at the level of differentiation and try knowing it in blended unity.

We have the capacity

We all have the capacity to receive and to hold. This is often seen as a feminine dynamic. All people can do this, so we all have this feminine part of us. We have this capacity to be open and receive. At a physical level there are times when the uterus is open and times when it is not. But as a human being, we have the spiritual capacity to hold a womb space all the time; we are designed to be open and ready to be penetrated by the Invisible. We can hold a space uninterrupted, undistracted and open and available. It is a feminine aspect of being, and all human beings have this capacity. We are designed to constantly be open to the Invisible. And the masculine aspect of our being is designed to penetrate. It is a more masculine trait, but we all are designed to penetrate our worlds with the Spirit of that which has come when we were open and received it.

And then what happens? The child is born and that child is Life. We end up creating in Life’s name because we have done it in the way that Life designed us to do it. So in the communion of knowing I am the womb space for receiving the Invisible and I am the capacity that brings it into the world, I know something different than when I am trying to figure it out, differentiate it and then explain it.
How about you? Have you had an experience of just knowing something that you could spend a long time trying to describe, and never really capture it in words? It is an experience, a knowing. As a conscious person we choose to share this knowing at other levels, knowing our words rarely convey the experience. We create songs, poems, art, homes, families and lives that reflect into the world the magic and wonder that we touched. Through that creation we invite someone else to know that with us.

When one person decides to pay attention and resonate with how things are designed and coming to us from the Invisible, it affects all of humanity. I know this to be true. When you decide you are going to function the way you are designed, it has an effect on everything. It has an effect on how the world can be brought back to balance.

Did you realize?

Did you realize you have that much power? If you didn’t, I am telling you that you do. And when you are doing it with another person, the impact is intensified. Just like when you create an electromagnetic current, the more times you wrap the wire around the metal shaft the stronger the current will be, the more people in agreement the stronger the impact on the world. The field gets stronger, the current gets more powerful. Humanity is designed to do this all around the globe. And we don’t have to be right next to each other to have this impact. When we love and value both the masculine and feminine parts of our being, we are more capable of receiving heavenly magic.

As a conscious being, you have gravity, you have warmth, you have the power to create and to enjoy the creation. A lot of people think that this is hard work. Trying to figure it out with your mind is hard work. It’s not so hard to do. Stay open. Hold a place that is undistracted and not penetrated by anything other than the Invisible, and let that move out into your world.

You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do that in a feminine way, as a man or a woman or in a masculine way as a woman or a man. Please take advantage of my invested time and discover you will know this intimately by being yourself. The most important thing you can bring to the table is more of you.

There is an expression I heard once answering the question “what do you do when you are feeling tested and don’t understand what is happening in your life?” “Stop, drop and pray” was the answer. I would say, “Stop, open and receive.”

To have this experience not only brings rest and joy, it brings creation that is sustainable and life-giving. That which is not life-giving will pass away. Let us commit to allowing the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves to be the parents of life. We are designed for it.

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