The Voice of Being

David Karchere

By David Karchere


I am the voice of Being,

Speaking in human hearts and minds.


I am the living Word,

Creative vibration born in the highest heaven.


I am the sacred presence

Which lives at the heart of all creation.


I have more faces than there are rocks in the desert,

Or stones on the ocean beach.


I have been here many lifetimes

Through all history and before.


I am born again with each baby who comes into the world,

With each inspired thought,

Every longing for home.

And I am present with each one as they leave.


I am the voice of Being,

The sacred presence of the One Who Dwells.


I call all people,

All lands,

All kingdoms,

To my spirit.


I invite all hearts to melt,

All consciousness to turn

To face me and know me as I am.


I am heard by the innocent,

By the open hearted,

By the one who is not too proud,

Nor too humble to see my face.


I am heard by those who know

That human effort,

Human belief,

Human feeling

Alone is futile.


And that all understanding,

All compassion,

All power,

And life itself

Abide in me.


I am your voice,

And the true voice of every man,

Every woman,

Of all human being.


Hear me,

Know me,

Embrace my spirit,

Your spirit, now.

Be me in human flesh.


I am the voice of Being,

The sacred presence of the Living God.

David Karchere is an author, speaker, poet, workshop leader and foremost thought leader on Primal Spirituality worldwide. David has created and led programs for spiritual awakening and personal transformation for people around the globe. He leads Healing Chant workshops, and he has developed The Creative Field Project, a global network of small groups that meet to further the work of Primal Spirituality. David describes Primal Spirituality as the spirituality that human beings experience at birth which, ideally, blossoms and grows as a person matures. David's first book, Becoming a Sun, is a guide to the human journey, individually and collectively. David believes that humanity is evolving to become a conscious expression of the creative power within us and that we have the power to radiate this to our world. David is the spiritual director at Sunrise Ranch, a teaching and demonstration site for Primal Spirituality, and the leader of Emissaries of Divine Light, a global spiritual movement. David is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders organization, which is dedicated to the conscious evolution of humanity. To sign up for his newsletter, please visit DavidKarchere.com.


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