Sunrise Ranch

By David Karchere


I am the voice of Being,

Speaking in human hearts and minds.


I am the living Word,

Creative vibration born in the highest heaven.


I am the sacred presence

Which lives at the heart of all creation.


I have more faces than there are rocks in the desert,

Or stones on the ocean beach.


I have been here many lifetimes

Through all history and before.


I am born again with each baby who comes into the world,

With each inspired thought,

Every longing for home.

And I am present with each one as they leave.


I am the voice of Being,

The sacred presence of the One Who Dwells.


I call all people,

All lands,

All kingdoms,

To my spirit.


I invite all hearts to melt,

All consciousness to turn

To face me and know me as I am.


I am heard by the innocent,

By the open hearted,

By the one who is not too proud,

Nor too humble to see my face.


I am heard by those who know

That human effort,

Human belief,

Human feeling

Alone is futile.


And that all understanding,

All compassion,

All power,

And life itself

Abide in me.


I am your voice,

And the true voice of every man,

Every woman,

Of all human being.


Hear me,

Know me,

Embrace my spirit,

Your spirit, now.

Be me in human flesh.


I am the voice of Being,

The sacred presence of the Living God.

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