The Spirit Nation

Gary Goodhue

By Gary Goodhue—“Rajazuhl”

Rhyming communication, enhancing realization

Be active in the preparation of your station
For the ongoing calibration of your vibration
To a higher elevation in this material nation

In a sincere affirmation of divination and holy individuation,
Follow the gentle condensation of sensation through meditation
And receive vital information for your present incarnation

As a body manifestation, you are a living presentation
Of unlimited transformation
Through the faithful application of divine inspiration

With your concentration of creative imagination,
A light-filled pulsation moves throughout creation
Sparking the formulation of a new generation
Of conscious consideration and collaboration

Enjoy the revelation and infinite celebration
Of pure joy and elation through the transmutation
Of the illusion of separation from the spirit nation

Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. Living and working at Sunrise Ranch, he serves as associate faculty for the Full Self Emergence and Primal Spirituality programs. He is the Director of Community Coordination at Sunrise Ranch. Gary supports healthy relationships and conflict resolution as a Restorative Circle facilitator and Unitive Justice trainer for Northern Colorado. As a wordsmith, he enjoys teaching, public speaking and performing his original high-vibrational spoken-word poetry. His focus is on bringing deep principles of truth and love into practical, everyday application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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