Sunrise Ranch

By Maureen Waller

There is an ongoing process that we’re all involved in, of giving birth to ourselves. There are words to a song about lives we’ve lived before. I can identify quite a few “me’s” who have been present on this planet in my lifetime, people I thought were me. They were a version of me but they weren’t really me; it was partial. And those creations of me are coming through consistently as I allow them to emerge. And that’s a birth process, because the “me” I knew myself to be twenty years ago does not have a whole lot to do with the one who’s here now, or the one I will be tomorrow or the next day. So it’s an ongoing process. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen all at once that all these new things show up, but it’s very exciting when they do. It’s not necessarily comfortable, but it’s exciting.

There are so many similarities between the birth that takes place in each of us consistently and the birth of a new baby. One of the things that isn’t is that once a new baby is on the way, once labor has started and the baby is on its way, you can’t stop that process. The baby is going to come. Unfortunately, that’s not true spiritually speaking. We can get in the way of the new us—the new “me” who’s trying to appear. We can get in the way because there is discomfort in something new showing up, something unfamiliar. And it may not be just my own discomfort. It may be the discomfort, and often is, of the people around me too, that I’m no longer that familiar person that they knew as me.

I think a lot of relationships break down for that reason—that there’s this customary way that two people are together, and when change occurs in one, the other one tries to resist that. Maybe they both try to resist that. The feeling may arise, “Oh, that’s too scary!” or, “Can I trust it?” The relationship will end up breaking down if the newness is not allowed to happen. There needs to be space for the new.

If I don’t allow change in me or another, then I’m in a state of arrested development. And many people are, because they stay with what’s familiar, what’s comfortable.
You can hold back when it comes to something new of you, of the creator-being that you are, trying to put in an appearance. You can get in the way of it. But you do get in the way of it at your peril, because if you do not allow it to come through, then rather than an exciting new venture and an exciting new experience showing up, it’s downhill from there! You may see a lot of jaded, disappointed, sometimes embittered people who don’t realize they can still make another choice. They can still allow the truth of them as a creator being to come through.

No one knows what the new will look like, but the coming forth of your being is vital. The truth of who you are is within you and wants out. The creator within is ready to create and birth, and your emergence is a result.

It may seem scary—the unknown often does. What is scarier is holding on to that which is passing away and no longer serves you. I offer you my support in this process. This is a wonderful way to live our lives together.

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