Sunrise Ranch

By Jane Anetrini

There are many spiritual disciplines and practices that have been developed over the years. Their purposes are many: enlightenment, happiness, transformation, creating community, to name a few. I personally have tried many. I have had prayer practices, ceremonial rituals to honor the directions, the moon and the seasons, reading the animal cards, physical cleansing and more, all of which have provided a blessing.

I would like to name a practice that works for anyone. I know it allows for transformation and an experience of fine atmosphere and healthy relationships. It is the practice of expressing fine character. There are references to what that means. One of them lists the qualities of good character as: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. That’s a good list! I have found there are many more: honesty, kindness and patience, to name a few.

The expression of fine character results in a loving creative atmosphere. When there are two or more people in agreement about expressing fine character, there begins to be a safe place for creation and adventure. Moving into the unknown can be scary. Moving into the unknown or the unfamiliar when surrounded by friends with good character can be thrilling. The fear of being judged can diminish in the presence of respect and kindness. When a person starts something new they will look like a beginner. What else could you expect? Looking like a beginner can be embarrassing, so people don’t try new things. Looking like a beginner, while being surrounded by patient, respectful people, lowers the risk of feeling foolish.

Here at Sunrise Ranch, we invite people into the opportunity to live together in fine character. The atmosphere of a group of people doing that together is inviting and restful. It feels like true home. I have found myself feeling supported and cared for in this atmosphere. At Sunrise Ranch we know it is possible that people will come to be with us and will touch that atmosphere and may learn that we encourage each other in this way. It is a privilege to live in a nurturing environment that supports our overcoming our conditioned patterns and habits, where people are committed to bringing forth the fineness of character.

We can all rise to the stature that is natural for a loving person. I invite you to join us, wherever you are, and see the impact it has on you and your world.

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