Jane Anetrini

By Jane Anetrini

Living things have a natural radiance. You can see it everywhere in nature. The sparkle of a flowing river, the mountain bluebird come springtime in the Rockies, the crocuses and daffodils bright and full of color. Life moves naturally through every living thing.

Life and love can move naturally through every human being. And human beings have the capacity to withhold that current. They can divert it internally or choose not to express it. A person who is allowing the current of love and life to move through them has a radiance around them.

People notice that radiance even if they don’t know what is happening. Some people are drawn and some push themselves away. There is always some resonance within a person to that radiance, and a choice is available to allow oneself to be drawn as life is to life, love is to love, or to judge this experience as foreign and something to be feared.

It might seem unusual that a person would fear this current of life. But think about it, if you allowed more of this current to move through you, what would happen? Your life would change! Does that hit a chord of fear in your heart? Many people prefer the mundane, the familiar … no surprises, nothing expected from me, no discomfort brought by the new. What is interesting is that the discomfort of the familiar and the mundane has become so expected that a person doesn’t realize they have little or no joy in their life. There is a whole, holy, alive world to know and share. The choice is often made to keep this current to oneself to serve one’s own purposes, and the opportunity for creation and communion is missed.

To me, this is the experience of a slow death. Most everyone knows the saying “You are what you eat.” People who eat whole, alive foods have a different vitality than those who eat processed, packaged foods. This expression is similar to another one I know, “You know what you express.” If you express love and life, you know that reality and the radiance of it surrounds you. This radiance is inviting and also protective. Radiant people are not looking to their environment for happiness; they are creating their world by expressing life. They are protected from the world around them because it is not the source of their identity or purpose. They do not rely on the external world for an experience of joy.

At Sunrise Ranch we invite people to know this experience. You can change your life and create a radiant world by expressing the qualities of life. Your countenance can have the quality of a shimmering star or a blooming flower. Radiance is a natural consequence of life current. It is available to you now as you read these words. When you allow your radiant expression out, you begin to see it everywhere. What a wise and exciting choice. I invite you to choose it now.

Jane Anetrini is a coach and teacher of Primal Spirituality and is the Director of Sunrise Ranch Ministry. She is the director of the Full Self Emergence program at Sunrise Ranch, a program designed to share the enlightened knowledge of the transformational process that frees people to be fully themselves. She is the co-creator and part of the senior faculty of an International Leadership program. Jane has traveled internationally to offer courses that assist people in identifying and reclaiming their life’s destiny. She also teaches the spiritual and technical components of attunement, a non-touch healing practice. Jane assists people to find their own inner wisdom, strength and vitality, and is a Doctor of Chiropractic who has been practicing since 1980.


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