Bexx Biehl

Bexx Biehl came to Sunrise in March 2017 for the Full Self Emergence program with a strong desire to fine-tune her spiritual practice and grow with greater emotional intelligence.

She grew up in the Seattle area and spent many years in New York City.

As she conquered some major health issues, she took a deep dive into her spiritual practice. The recovery period and time of connection led her to start looking for a spiritual community, which resulted in her move to Sunrise.

Bexx has a big desire to help others heal themselves, and she does that by living transparently with her victories as well as her struggles.

From early childhood, Bexx spent most of her life around artists and spiritual visionaries and feels most comfortable being creative.

Bexx has 14 years of experience working with all different types of markets and consumer needs. She was director of operations for an herbal manufacturing company in New York with spiritual/medicinal plants from the Amazon and has a huge interest in natural healing with herbs, food, movement and energy.

She loves creating visual digital art in all forms, engaging in long, deep conversations about the Universe with friends, and holding ceremonies and spending quality time in spirit with family.

At Sunrise Ranch, Bexx is the Social Media manager.

Bexx Biehl

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