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Are you curious about the world’s wisdom traditions and how they can bring a deeper awareness of Divine presence in your life?

Do you believe that the world around you contains a spiritual reality that is often overlooked?

Do you feel the unifying current in the world’s spiritual and religious paths?

Are you someone who views life from a multifaith lens or who relishes multifaith perspectives?


If so, we invite you to connect with the world’s many wisdom traditions, discover universal truths and develop a deeper understanding through mini-explorations of spiritual themes through our weekly blog, Open Windows. Each week the Open Windows blog illuminates quotations from sacred scripture from many faiths. In doing so, we seek to touch the Reality that is within all traditions and all human cultures. It is written in the belief that we have the opportunity to come to a greater understanding when we deliberately stretch our awareness and appreciate words that point to truth in a way that might be unfamiliar to us.


In faith traditions and spiritual teachings around the world you will find this simple truth:

      The forms of the visible world can be open windows that show us the invisible world.


Within the sacred scripture of faiths around the world, there is a universal truth, expressed through different cultures, with different names for the Divine. The teachings are diverse but there is only one Reality to which all truth is pointing. That Reality is the gold to which the original teachers of all the world’s great religions were leading us. We believe that this “truth behind the words” is one truth for all humankind. It is the unifying element so needed in our world today.


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