Living Still

Dorian Black

By Dorian Black


The air is still tonight.
Scarcely a breeze disturbs the cool of Springtime.
The robins are asleep.
Familiar stars gleam in their accustomed home.
I am content, resting, as my friend describes it,
“In the lap of heaven.”
Yet well I know, as I so quiet rest,
That turbulence erupts, terrible and crushing,
In many worlds apart but composite to mine.
Wars, storms and conflagrations sicken the blue-green earth.
I ask myself, would I retain stillness
Under the wind of an unquiet sky?
Dear God, I hope so! Yes, in the lap of heaven resting,
I am assured of peace, assured of constancy.
And could I not now, swaddled in starlight and soft Spring,
Create, if I so chose, misery?
Then by the grace of that same powerful Presence
The choice is mine instead to grant my world stillness
And a free open space for greenness
And for a constant heaven’s-lap growth of starlight.

Dorian Black has been a member of the Sunrise Ranch community for almost 50 years, offering spiritual leadership in many areas of teaching, writing and publication. Dorian also shares his wisdom and love by contributing readings and blogs to the Sunrise Ranch online presence.


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