Sunrise Ranch

By Gary Goodhue (Rajazuhl)

Spring does bring regeneration as nature calls forth for birth and growth and new life cycles begin

And I’m reminded of a life once lived as Love incarnate, that transcended death around to life again

I honor and celebrate that life example greatly given and embodied some few short millennia ago

Preserved and anchored into the grid so as to know what the spirit of humanity would one day show

Regeneration, resurrection, re-creation and unlimited, beautiful and creative forms of life being born

Happens in the empty, receptive space following death, dissolution and all attachments being shorn

Cracking the shell and melting the hardness, breaking through and opening space to let and to allow

The most heavenly and finest frequencies of love and life, existing eternally in the moment—here now

They can begin once again to move right in, set up shop, get comfortable and make a home in the mind

Gently infiltrating dissonant patterns and perceptions until the spirit of creation is all the mind can find

As nature very gracefully shows … to release, dissolve and surrender clears the path and calls into play

The spirit of resurrection—fueled by Creator Love—for life’s abundance to come forth and re-pave the way

Rich, full and vibrant; Love surrounds and soaks into the self, and life is seen again, yet with new eyes

As separated senses of Self fall away revealing the Wonderful One Within as powerful, loving and wise

Potently present, perfectly aware, peacefully perceiving being and existing in the patterns of perfection

A journey of ever-ascending heights of inter-connective perspective, repainting the canvas of perception

Kinetic, colorful, coordinated molecules of light dancing ecstatic concerts of harmony and shared elation

Undulating waves of joyful reveling in the matrix of the mystery and knowing I Am in the shared creation

Another blessed soul awakens and the divine intelligence of nature surges forward in following her plan

Infinitely resourceful, wholly committed and ceaselessly working toward the conscious evolution of man

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