Sunrise Ranch

By Gary Goodhue

As soon as something is born, it begins to die. That might seem a little extreme, but there is truth in it. That is the way of the physical. Everything operating in the physical world experiences the effects of time. This manifests as aging and/or a decline in usefulness or productivity. Nothing lasts forever, as they say. Of course, this is looking solely at the physical from just the physical perspective.

In life forms like plants and animals, there is a natural developing, growing and maturing until hitting a peak, and then the decline begins. Everything is born, grows and then it dies. Nature has a set course and reproduction keeps the whole thing moving, over and over again through time.

Objects, things and items exist at their peak when brand new and then age with use over time, accruing wear-and-tear. Is there any way out of this slow downward cycle of decline?

With things, it’s easy. Just love it a little. Replace the old and broken parts with new ones. Or maybe everything works and you just want different furnishings and accessories to provide a fresh look. We do this all the time with our things. Heck, we even do it with our bodies. Where do you think the term “face-lift” came from? But there is so much more to us than just the body, that part of us that is manifest in the physical form.

There is an internal reality that exists outside of time, space and form. This is a reality of Being that each one of us is inherently connected to as human beings. When the busy mind and body slow down and a person allows themselves to sink into stillness, they are able to experience their own being-ness. We are each connected to an infinite creative well from which all life springs forth into expression. This is the source for the essential substance of creation, which gives the power and ability for something to exist.

This realm is known as the spiritual realm, the birthplace of all things that come into the experience of creation in time/space. This is where new comes from. The mental, emotional and physical realms of ourselves are where things can then be made new. This newness of thinking, feeling and acting can then create for ourselves a new experience of life.

Realms of existence

All of experiential reality is subject to the laws of operation for the dimension of existence they inhabit. We humans live in the third dimension, one of form with physical mass in a spatial reality that appears to move through time.

The laws that govern the higher realms of existence are able to influence the laws of realms in lower dimensions. What this means is that things that are not normally possible actually end up happening despite the fact they are seemingly impossible. We call these miracles. Everytime something is made new, whether it be a physical thing or a belief structure or an emotional response, it is a miracle.

The realms of possibility and miracles are vast, and our connections to them are through our own inner spiritual connection, through our own sense of being. Whether it is turning water into wine or turning an unpleasant experience into a joyful opportunity for learning, we call it a miracle because it wasn’t thought to be possible. This can happen only if there is something operating out of a higher set of laws that precedes and overrides the physical laws (laws of physics) from a deeper layer of cause and effect.

Following patterns and habits

In our own human life, we have a tendency to follow patterns and are known as creatures of habit. We have certain sets of beliefs and emotional reactions that are predictable. We follow a certain path and end up developing a line of probability for how our life will turn out.

What is that magical power that allows people to start over, wipe the slate clean and create a new experience for themselves? How can we imagine something beyond anything we’ve ever known and draw a possibility out of the ethers into a manifest experience and a living reality? How do we take the old, tired thoughts and feelings and refresh them with new vigor and life?

It is not something we can consciously force to happen but, rather, something we can open to and allow to happen. It starts with choosing to love the possibility we desire to experience rather than fearing the one that we don’t want to happen.

The power of love

That power of possibility comes from the realm of spirit and is sometimes even referred to as the glory of the “human spirit.” It is actually the power of love. Love is the substance of creation that allows for Life to be born, express, and to be made new. Love is the great redeemer of all that is and ever was or will be. Love provides new insight to be able to see with fresh eyes. Love gives strength to move forward and create even when the surroundings are not conducive or cooperative. Love fuels our passions and strengthens our bonds with what is real and meaningful in life. Love makes all things new.

It seems like a simple answer. Almost so simple that it could be overlooked and disregarded as truth. Love is the beginning of all opening to the realms of possibility. Anything other than love just creates limitations. Imagination is what shows us the door. The willingness to allow, accept and let is what opens the door. Love is what gives us the ability to walk through the door to the other side.

Love offers us the opportunity for all that is old and no longer serves to be flushed up and recycled into the great universal storehouse of energy. Now there is a new space available for something new to be born! That could be a new form and it could be a new experience of the forms that are already there.

You may not be able to walk on water just by deciding that you will love more of your life. But you may find that you can walk through your fears and discover an entirely new life available to you. Your health, your attitude, your success, your relationships and every part of your life opens up and is available for healing and renewal. The higher vibrations of the choice for love allows for things to move and shift energetically in a way that opens possibility, changes circumstances and allows all things to be made new. Love today.

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