Sunrise Ranch

By Courtney Bohlman

We have an opportunity here, you and I
To change the world, standing side by side
With love in our hearts and kindness in our eyes
We have strength and we shall not compromise
We don’t need a preacher, what we need is a teacher
So do not speak at me; see with me, do with me, be with me
The words that you say, they have wisdom and strength
But you choose not to implement and that is the shame
The teacher in me, sees the teacher in you
And I ask, that you see that teacher too
We’re all on a journey, each one our own
But together we can learn, and we can explore
New things can be scary, they take patience and time
Share with me your talents and I will share with you mine
Adventure, discovery, vision, and rhyme
Each a tiny little part, on this journey through time
Don’t seek the answers, please seek the truths
And together we shall create the fountain of youth
Our numbers grow larger and our tribe grows stronger
And when we come together, the world will suffer no longer
You speak wisdom and truth and your words are full of juice
So I ask of you,
To lead them, to live them, don’t just speak them
Lead them, live them, don’t just speak them

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