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This Week’s Quotation:

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2

An Evolutionary Experiment

Terri McCartney
Soul Care Facilitator

The innovation of the human mind that has enabled the human race to create the complex, creative realities we live in today just wows me. Yet, I see how the human mind has also been conditioned to a very small understanding of reality. And seeing that has engendered the deepest passion to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. After all, I’m not the voice of the mind. I’m the one who hears it.

I love investigating. So I’ve approached my goal of developing a new relationship with my mind as a detective, with the perspective that my life is an evolutionary experiment. That supports me in not taking anything personally. I’m just the observer of how my mind expresses its deeply conditioned impulse to protect me and ensure my survival. I am often shocked at the melodramas my mind has concocted from its egoic defense mechanisms and cognitive biases!

Yet, I also know that all human minds have similar conditioning. We all have the work to do to empty our mind of its assumptions, fixed ideas, and beliefs that keep us in the clutches of the gravitational pull of fear and forgetting. Because that interferes with the renewal of our minds. The evolutionary impulse encourages humans to establish a radically different relationship to life than we have known before. One founded in respect, goodwill, and cooperation instead of competition and survival.

When we step onto a path of mind-renewal, we find ourselves called to leap beyond everything we have ever known and embrace a mystery our mind will never be able to comprehend. With liberation from the conditioned belief that life is fundamentally about personal survival comes the direct experience that each of us is part of a universal evolutionary unfolding. We realize that our personal choices ripple out to influence the whole since we’re all in this together. We become genuinely invested in developing our spiritual compass to direct us toward making choices that support the best outcome for all involved in any circumstance.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other in the understanding that the conditioned mind resists the renewing, transformative changes taking place. I believe that’s why we are witnessing so much polarization in the world right now. Yet, I trust that the more of us who meet in the Field of remembering that we are so much more than our mind has been conditioned to think, the more Heaven’s Grace will flow into the world.

To be in right relationship to God, to the universe, to life, to other people, well, that’s the joy, that’s the Yes! in life. Let’s all get tuned into that Creative Field of reality!

About Open Windows

We, the authors of this blog, dedicate it to the transparent exploration of the world’s sacred scripture and enlightened spiritual thought. We believe that the original inspiration of all faiths comes from a common source, named and revered in a myriad of ways. With that understanding, the innumerable symbols, beliefs, and practices of faith cease to divide. They become open windows to a common reality that inspires and unifies us. We find deeper insight and nourishment in our own faith and from the expression of faith from others.

We hope these weekly quotations and meditations speak to your heart and soul.

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Tom Cooper
5 months ago

Many thanks, Terri — great to hear of your smart detective word within. I deliberately lived with the Amish for a while to see what a world without media and materialism was like and they too used “be not conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2) as a signature quote re a raison d’etre. It takes a lot to be chronically non-conformed like the Amish, the cogi, and other cultures which held true to values despite the pressure to conform — and that seem true for us as individuals too – not just for intentional subcultures. WITH you in conforming to the ways of spirit, not to the “tides in the affairs of men” … Love always, Tom

David Karchere
David Karchere
5 months ago

You describe it so well! I’m up for the conscious journey.

Susan Shimodaira
Susan Shimodaira
5 months ago
Reply to  David Karchere

“Count me in too :):)

Anne Lise
Anne Lise
5 months ago

I loved reading your article ! Thank you. It beautifully provides an open window to discover one’s right relationship to Life – and so shareable. Much appreciated.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
5 months ago

The human mind left to its own devices has created a very dysfunctional culture on earth. Thanks for suggesting how the mind’s renewal via its realignment with the ordering power of Reality can allow life to flourish again on earth.

5 months ago

When we step onto a path of mind-renewal, we find ourselves called to leap beyond everything we have ever known and embrace a mystery our mind will never be able to comprehend.

Yes, One Giant Leap for Being Kind – and that includes ‘being kind’ and all Kinds of Beings…..but especially for Human Kind 🙂


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