Sunrise Ranch

By Gary Goodhue (Rajazuhl)

A lifetime spent since days of childhood and school
Getting by … just trying to fit in, look good and be cool
I find I’m governed by expectations of an exterior world
So I allowed myself a box into which I crimpled and curled
The largeness of myself, being bordered and confined
I fell asleep and forgot that this box is all in my mind
Now I awaken aright and scream without making a sound
As I suddenly open my eyes and take a good look around
Misperceptions and projections; the blame and the pain
Showing a world disconnected with a victim gone insane
“Out of the box and off with the filters,” I shall boldly say
“The freedom of life unlimited is alive in my world today”
So I must self-respect and replace the misplaced blame
With the eternal burning truth of the three-fold flame
Here – Power, Wisdom and Love come together as one
And Now my soul is purified by the wind, rain and sun
Viewing life afresh, for the first time through new eyes
I look within once again to find great Truth on the rise
With a mighty peace, a white dove descends from above
A reminder of my cosmic place as a Creator Being of Love

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