Gary Goodhue

By Gary Goodhue (Rajazuhl)

A lifetime spent since days of childhood and school
Getting by … just trying to fit in, look good and be cool
I find I’m governed by expectations of an exterior world
So I allowed myself a box into which I crimpled and curled
The largeness of myself, being bordered and confined
I fell asleep and forgot that this box is all in my mind
Now I awaken aright and scream without making a sound
As I suddenly open my eyes and take a good look around
Misperceptions and projections; the blame and the pain
Showing a world disconnected with a victim gone insane
“Out of the box and off with the filters,” I shall boldly say
“The freedom of life unlimited is alive in my world today”
So I must self-respect and replace the misplaced blame
With the eternal burning truth of the three-fold flame
Here – Power, Wisdom and Love come together as one
And Now my soul is purified by the wind, rain and sun
Viewing life afresh, for the first time through new eyes
I look within once again to find great Truth on the rise
With a mighty peace, a white dove descends from above
A reminder of my cosmic place as a Creator Being of Love

Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. Living and working at Sunrise Ranch, he serves as associate faculty for the Full Self Emergence and Primal Spirituality programs. He is the Director of Community Coordination at Sunrise Ranch. Gary supports healthy relationships and conflict resolution as a Restorative Circle facilitator and Unitive Justice trainer for Northern Colorado. As a wordsmith, he enjoys teaching, public speaking and performing his original high-vibrational spoken-word poetry. His focus is on bringing deep principles of truth and love into practical, everyday application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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