Tibetan Cranial Apprentice Training

May 18 - 23 | 2017

Apprentice Training May 2017

TC Apprentices & Practitioners: Join Shar and your fellow TC Apprentices for this 5-day Training at Sunrise Ranch from the afternoon of Thursday, May 18, through the late afternoon of Tuesday, May 23.

This 5-day retreat training takes place at Sunrise Ranch, a beautiful retreat center in Loveland, Colorado. In addition to the in-depth teaching of Tibetan Cranial, Shar teaches the Apprentices yoga, meditation and mantra. Shar’s teaching style is hands-on and nurturing.  The retreat format enables each person to enter a calm, receptive state, necessary to do Tibetan Cranial work. To learn more about the Tibetan Cranial Apprentice program, click here.

Apprentices: Attendance at this training is required.  Practitioners, please note that you can meet your continuing training requirement by attending this training.


Arrival Time:  Between 3 and 4 p.m. on Thursday May 18.

Completion Time:  6 p.m.  on Tuesday, May 23.

Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center, Loveland, CO. Driving directions are here.


  1. Register for Training (submit this form by email or mail with training fee).

  2. Fill out the DIETARY PREFERENCES FORM (if your name is not already on the list, please add it to the bottom.

  3. Pay Apprentice Training Fee:

    1. $750

    2. Exception — for apprentices who started before May 2016, the fee is $650.

    3. Mail to:  Tibetan Cranial/Nancy Sparrow 377 Albion Street, Denver, CO  80220.

  4. Sunrise Ranch Lodging & Meals.  Please pay Sunrise lodging directly, click here.


Lodging & Meals

1 night

5 nights

Meals only (no lodging)
















For planning purposes we would like to receive your registration forms ASAP.  Registration and payments are due no later than May 1, 2017.  If you need to submit a payment or registration after May 1, please let Nancy know immediately so we can accommodate.  We appreciate your communication!

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