Path of Love Process

November 2 - 9 | 2019

Path of Love—a profound 7-day retreat: The world-leading process of personal and spiritual transformation

What we’re about

The Path of Love is an intense and effective developmental process that will support you to find inner resources to transform your life. Integrating the latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development, this work teaches tools to access and develop your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy and motivation. This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of well-being, outer confidence and interpersonal relationships.

The Path of Love 7-day retreat is the centerpiece of our work. Started in 1995, it now takes place in 14 countries around the world and has transformed the lives of thousands of people. The Path of Love process is an intensive, loving and liberating process, during which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire and longing to awaken and realize their full human and spiritual potential.

Attendance at the Path of Love event requires two separate registrations: 1) Tuition, which is handled by clicking the Register Now button, AND 2) Accommodations, which is handled through the Book Accommodations link below. Please remember that you must register at both locations in order to attend. Thank you!


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