Heart of the Wounded Healer

June 9 - 14 | 2020

A five-day training intensive with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

June 9-14, 2019
Loveland, CO

“A great deal of healing arises from a wounded self. The sympathetic and empathetic self creates profound healing. When we courageously explore our own pain, we become more insightful, more ego-contained, and more awake to the essential qualities of the healer. The wound becomes our gift.” — Dr. Estés

With The Heart of the Wounded Healer, Dr. Estés invites you on a five-day training intensive to investigate the wounds we bear or have inherited from our loved ones, our ancestors, the overculture—to understand them, illuminate their hidden wisdom, and take the treasure they offer to help us to do good work in the world—from a two-world perspective which is unique and powerful.

This training will be in depth, pragmatic, and down to earth. Dr. Estés will teach time-honored ways from the world less visible but palpably felt. As she says, “… for to live in two worlds … is a sacred and consecrated commitment and equally so, a loving devotion to live deep into both worlds, with full consciousness of one’s foibles and gifts … .”

Dr. Estés will teach you the methods for finding and creating your own healing techniques that look like and sound like no one else’s—while also standing in the reality of the person you’re working with in order to help them navigate and make holy their passage on their own unique and mysterious journey, wherever it leads.

With The Heart of the Wounded Healer, you are invited to join one of today’s most innovative teachers in a deep, heartfelt exploration of healing, why we are drawn, whom we serve, and how we can become more solidified when walking in two worlds as a healer.

For information about the training and the registration process, please visit Maven Productions or call 303-443-5858.


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