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We are excited to announce that David Karchere’s new book, Becoming a Sun, has been ranked a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon!

This is a huge honor for any author, and it is especially heartwarming to us here at Sunrise Ranch because being a #1 bestseller means that more and more people out there are waking up to their purpose for being – to become a sun!

To get your Kindle copy on Amazon for only $8.95 – Click here.


What the world needs most is for you to become a sun

In Becoming a Sun, David teaches readers to progress down the path toward their true destiny – to bring warmth, love, care and blessings to the world.

Life can be excruciatingly difficult at times. People can be cold and heartless. Situations can test your patience and your faith. But when you become a sun, you can face the hardships of life with compassion and warmth. You can spread love to the world–even to those that come to you with pain, hurt and negativity–and warm their hearts with your creativity and spirit.

And the more creativity and warmth, you can spread more love to the world at large, which is in desperate need of that today.


The power of patterns

All people have patterns in their lives, but so many fail to see them. They also don’t realize that they are the very ones creating those patterns – both good and bad. Our subtle decisions and choices direct our lives, and yet, so many people feel powerless when it comes to the direction their lives are going…

David’s book helps people learn to become aware of and understand the patterns in their lives, and it teaches them how to redirect those patterns into positive, love-giving journeys of light.


Excerpt from the book’s introduction:

“I believe that the truth behind the words of this book is relevant to every aspect of human experience, from the most intimate areas of love and family, to the fields of business, organizational leadership and finance. Of course, you will have to see whether what I have written applies to you, and how. As you read, I invite you to consider how the essential ideas of this book are relevant to all facets of your life.”


Praise for Becoming a Sun

“This book is so well written. David is such a great teacher. Reading Becoming a Sun is like having him sitting right next to you, explaining things clearly, calmly and compassionately. This is some wonderful learning made easy.”
– Cliff Barry, Founder, Shadow Work

“Though one’s spiritual practice can be a solitary endeavor, David knows – and all of us eventually realize – that it takes us on a journey to serve fully for the good of all. This journey takes courage, as each one of us has to embrace who we truly are and step into the life that is calling us. David’s book, Becoming a Sun, is a clear and compassionate companion for anyone needing support as they pursue this awakening. I highly recommend it.”
– Sarah McLean, Director, Meditation Teacher Academy

“At the core of this book is the simple yet potent assertion that the world we experience is itself the product of our collective consciousness. Especially now, as global crises compound, this insight into our most fundamental creative capacities sheds a radiant light on the road ahead, providing valuable guidance on how to let our own suns shine.”
– Emanuel Kuntzelman, President, Greenheart International


Click here to get your copy now!

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