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Healing Chant


Experience the Healing Chant Retreat

December 9-10, 2016

Friday 7:30pm - Saturday 5:30pm

Since the beginning of history, human beings have used sound to inform and receive information from their environment, to communicate with each other, and to heal and transform. One of the most powerful sound healing tools known to man is the age-old technique of chant. Chanting produces sound vibrations that resonate through the body, affecting the inner workings of our physical body as well as our mental and emotional states. This has a therapeutic effect on an individual by activating the body's natural healing process.

  • Open up your own voice through chant
  • Emanate healing energy through your voice
  • Access your own spiritual medicine
  • Learn to set free healing power through your hands

For over seventy years, Sunrise Ranch has explored chant and song as a path to communion with the Divine. We explore a variety of forms of melodic and harmonic chant in a free-flowing improvisational style. In the opening of the voice, there is a concurrent opening of heart and spirit that welcomes divine presence. The experience is profoundly transforming.

$197 / Early Bird - $147 before 11/27

Sounds Beautiful: Could cymatics influence our well-being?

By Elizabeth Fritzler


As a reputable field of study, cymatics is still quite new, but sound therapy has existed for ages and is still used today. Tibetan singing bowls, toning--even the om sound are used to bring about balance. Many people report feeling calm and centered after gong baths, chanting, and listening to harmonic music. Some musicians have a vested interest in cymatics because it shows how their music may produce physical effects on listeners.

There is still much work to be done in cymatics but it does show promise for external applications such as healing and study of the natural world. However, that shouldn't stop you from experimenting with sound on your own. Notice how you react to certain sounds. What influence do different types of music have on your thoughts, emotions and behavior? Even more importantly, what influence does your tone of voice have on your environment and the people around you?

Poetry Corner - There is a trail

By Atom Terpening

It Is So. True magic appears when you and your broken heart awaken from the spell and walk in the dream.

There is a trail and my brothers and sisters sing in the willows along the lowlands where springs trickle ignoring the onset of urban sprawl.

There the generation of good will is palpable in the air lifting the heron from slumber in the golden reeds.

There a tribe is forever learning to stay awake at the gate, to find the tracks to their beloved.

Shining to each other in the dim inviting symbolic sun, waving on a string from dawn to dusk, like birch trunks tilting in the breeze from the lake.

There is a trail we have left to make our fortune, carrying great loads up dead end roads;

Ignoring the onset of community.

Healthy Recipe: Grilled Rib Eye in Wine and Garlic Marinade


At Sunrise Ranch, we observe the nutritional teachings of Weston A. Price in our kitchen. We appreciate nutrient-dense food and are always employing delicious twists on how we prepare our grassfed beef. Hope you enjoy!

Grilled Rib Eye in Wine and Garlic Marinade

4 Rib Eyes steaks*

1/4 cup olive oil

1 to 1 1/2 cups red wine

2 Tbsp brown sugar

3 Tbsp pureed raisins*

6 cloves minced garlic

1 medium thinly-sliced onion

1 Tbsp coarse ground salt

2 Tbsp coarse ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients but the steaks together in a large zip-lock bag. Add steaks and refrigerate for six to eight hours or overnight. Grill steaks on low heat for about six to eight minutes for rare (115 degrees), ten to twelve minutes for medium. Let the steaks sit for about five minutes before serving as they will continue to cook internally after being removed from the grill.

* Grassfed Beef is recommended

* Soak raisins in just enough warm water to cover, let plump for 30 minutes or overnight before combining into marinade.


Tip from Chef Barrett:

Adding sugar or fruit juices to a marinade helps produce a better caramelized effect for the meat when grilling.

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Sunrise Ranch 100 Sunrise Ranch Road Loveland, Colorado 80538 United States (970) 679-4200