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Month 12 – 16 | 2020

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Often, we can feel torn between one part of ourselves and another, and yet another! Add that to the “noise” outside of ourselves, and it’s no wonder so many of us disconnect, numb out, and give up.
During this workshop, we’ll learn to quiet ourselves, to connect, and to become actively engaged in our world.

Retreat Facilitators

This Woman is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer, and a licensed professional counselor in Laramie, Wyoming. In her healing work with clients, she seeks to create a space in which people can connect compassionately to the often fractured and wounded parts of themselves. Employing the wisdom of mind-body therapies such as yoga and Internal Family Systems Therapy, she helps people to access and bring forward the qualities of the core Self.

This Man is a licensed clinical social worker who has been interested in body-mind and whole-person healing for more than a fifteen years. Though committed to his work in the office as a trauma therapist, he recognizes that the isolated experience of a weekly meeting does not always reach the far corners of our being, and that time outside, time connecting and laughing and singing with others, time in movement and in the breath offer key opportunities for healing and growth.

Program Tuition: $222 if registered by Month 1st, $333 after Month 1st.
Accommodation/Food: $111-$222

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