Ruud West

Ruud is an EDL minister, and a spiritual counselor, teacher and workshop leader with 30 years of international and intercultural experience. He became a Trustee for the Emissaries in October 2018.

He is a co-creator and facilitator in the EDL educational programs and a senior facilitator for the Primal Spirituality courses.

In his counseling work, he is a guide for the voyager in the inner landscape, walking next to the client to face and heal primal wounds caused by past experiences, and facilitates the opening of the pathway to fulfillment, uncovering the potential of the true self.

Ruud has a daily responsibility for community development as a guardian and steward of the evolving coherent field.

He is an Attunement practitioner with a passion for the healing arts.

On his journey through spiritual traditions, he has developed a deep experience with the shamanic path through sweat lodge ceremonies. He holds the vision that all cultures and religions are beautiful flowers with one root turning toward the same Sun, uniting all people.

Ruud West

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