Lori Rock

“From the first I AM SOURCE™ class that I took in February 2002, I realized that the questions that had always plagued me actually did have answers that were within my reach to discover. It was in that class that I realized the search for Truth was no longer a punchline of a joke, but something I was destined to explore. I was hooked, and this was the path that was right for me.”

With the predecessor class to STANDING IN THE LIGHT® Program, Lori Rock started her formal training to find answers for herself and to pursue ascension in this lifetime. She has dedicated herself to this path and to helping others find their answers by becoming a spiritual counselor and teacher/facilitator using the STANDING IN THE LIGHT® program. At the same time, Lori became an Eminent Reiki™ Master Teacher/Healer and is a member of The Eminent Reiki Council, which governs the Eminent Reiki™ teachings channeled by The Reiki Masters.

Prior to starting her healing practice, Lori worked in public accounting and corporate America. She may be one of a handful of people who are Reiki Masters who hold a Master of Taxation! Lori has lived internationally, loves to travel and scuba dive. These varying experiences allow her to blend the masculine and feminine energies necessary to be a balanced spiritual counselor and energy healer.

Lori Rock

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