Avery Ellis

Avery Ellis is an Ecological Designer with a whole-systems approach to life. Avery was raised in New Jersey, the Garden State, by a master gardener. He has always felt a kinship with nature and the natural processes.

Avery spent the past decade pursuing his passion for sustainability with experience ranging from permaculture design to natural-building practices, solar installation to biodynamic farming, ecological waste treatment to communication dynamics, and he loves to share his knowledge with the world. He holds a master’s degree in ecological design and a Bachelor of Science in biology. He studied permaculture in India in 2006, and in the Rocky Mountains he has been learning and practicing permaculture since 2010. He has earned several Advanced Permaculture Design Certificates (2012-2014) and obtained his Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate in 2012.

Integrating these skills into diverse businesses, Avery now focuses on designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking natural processes. As an eco-entrepreneur, his business endeavors include: Colorado Greywater, Integrated Aquaponics, Backyard Revolutions, and Common Earth, where he brings science and craftsmanship together in his designs and installations.

Avery Ellis

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