Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner is from a small southern Texas town called Humble. She originally studied radiography in college to be of service to people in the health care industry. But after seeing how Western medicine handled illness, she knew there had to be a better way, a healthier way rooted in organic food and proper care for the body and spirit. She has always had a passion and enthusiasm for what she puts her mind to, and Sunrise Ranch was the perfect place to allow that passion to grow.

Upon moving to Colorado and to Sunrise, she worked in the Kitchen, cooking delicious food for the residents and guests. Knowing that the main ingredient for nourishing food is love, she set out to learn as much as she could about Sunrise’s Farm and Garden.

When the opportunity presented itself, she joined the Landscaping and Maintenance Team. She found that every season offers new challenges and ways to be of service. She is now the Landscaping Manager.

When she can, she still helps in the Garden and Greenhouses on harvest days throughout the year. She also runs the water-processing plant three days a week. She is even using her health care knowledge as part of the Sunrise Ranch first aid team.


Ashley Gardner

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