Ana Negron-Navarro

Ana Negron-Navarro says her calling is to show the divine beauty of life to others and to awaken in people the awareness of this truth within themselves. Ana is a video producer and a cultural anthropologist. She’s also a graphic designer, writer and a teacher.

Ana says that it was her adventurous, curious soul and its passionate love for the world that brought her into anthropology and video production at a young age. Through her career as an anthropologist and producer, she has had the good fortune to live and work in several Latin American countries and various U.S. states, experiencing immense delight in the multiplicity and magnificence of the landscapes, traditions, people and culture of all the territories she has traveled. She loves to experience and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the divine in the world on her journeys. And she loves to awaken that awareness in others. She does this now with a team of creatives at Sunrise Ranch.

Ana is blessed every day with the loving presence of her two children, Adrian and Ana Laura. With them she has learned to be fervently loyal and a steward and protector of the sacred realm of love, innocence and beauty, while her children express the poetry and music they bring to the world.

Ana Negron-Navarro

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