Quarter Beef Package

Quarter Beef Package


100 lb. + 5 pounds and includes: 4.5 lbs. New York Strip
4.5 lbs. Ribeye Steak
3.5 lbs. Top Sirloin
2 lbs. Filet
3 lbs. Brisket
6 lbs. London Broil
12 lbs. Chuck Roast
6 lbs. Arm Roast
4 lbs. Soup Bones
1.5 lbs. Skirt Steak
2 lbs. Flank Steak
6 lbs. Short Ribs
6 lbs. Stew Meat
35 lbs. Ground Beef
5 lbs. Cube Steak


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Quarter Beef Package | $9.50/lb.

Online ordering coming soon! For more information and to place an order now, please call 970-679-4200 or email us at sunrisebeef@sunriseranch.org.

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