Four Reasons to Apply for Full Self Emergence

What sets Sunrise Ranch apart from other retreat and conference centers? 

Although it’s one of the oldest intentional communities in the country, Sunrise Ranch is more than a neighborly surround. It’s a spiritual body, a teaching and demonstration site, and an eco-minded farm and garden. Many residents joined the community by participating in Full Self Emergence, a residential spiritual internship.
Full Self Emergence includes discussion and study groups, individual coaching, and participation in job roles. Participants also learn about attunement, an energy medicine practice that allows access to internal self-healing using the endocrine system. They take seminars and trainings held on-site, such as The Art of Living and The Deepening.
So why apply for Full Self Emergence? Here are the top reasons:

1. Immerse in community living. This is arguably one of the main reasons a person might decide to become a resident. There’s a comfort in knowing neighbors and co-workers by name, as trustworthy individuals wouldn’t hesitate to help someone in need. My parents’ and grandparents’ descriptions of their childhood neighborhoods come to mind: kids atop bikes, adults stopped on the sidewalk to chat, snow that remains pristine white from lack of driving pollution.

2. Experience personal transformation. Discussion groups and personal coaching are integral parts of Full Self Emergence. Community living also implies support for goals and aspirations. People come here to find their voice, their calling, their talents and potential. Armed with that self-knowledge, they create what they want to see in their world.

3. Develop life skills. Interns assist with essential roles in the community on a daily basis, in areas such as maintenance, publications and administration. Kahlil Gibran once wrote, “Work is love made visible.” This adage could be Sunrise Ranch’s mantra. Work contributions increase personal responsibility and become a way for people to show love. The residential nature of the internship develops teamwork skills and allows participants to rely on their innate strengths and talents to perform job functions.

4. Use powerful spiritual principles. This is perhaps the program’s biggest advantage. Spirituality becomes interwoven with work, study, relaxation, and every other facet of daily life. Full Self Emergence facilitates spiritual growth by allowing each person the freedom to explore their purpose as a human being on Earth.
Full Self Emergence teaches enlightened living within the context of a supportive intentional community. For more information, or to apply, visit our Full Self Emergence page.


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